Preparedness and the Second Amendment

“May you live in interesting times,” though not a proven Chinese curse, still holds true today as we gaze into the black gaping maw of oblivion that seemingly awaits America and her citizens.

For years now, many of us have been ringing the alarm bell concerning what is transpiring today. From Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh, all have with one loud voice warned against abandoning our conservative principles while embracing big government and all the attendant strings that go with it. More appropriately rope – just enough to hang all of America with.

Now come the attacks on the right to bear arms – the second amendment which arguably is the most important preventative measure against tyranny that we have. It is relentlessly being bombarded by liberals who espouse a socialist agenda which is intended to strip us of our rights and protections so that we can be more easily controlled and enslaved to a government that is looking more and more fascist with each passing day.

Most Americans sense something really wicked this way comes and they are preparing as best they can. At our local Walmart, 10 cases of ammo came in last Saturday evening and by mid-morning they were all gone. You can’t get ammo at the moment and what you can get has a hefty increase in price. Bob Owens has an excellent article on this:

Nationwide Ammunition Shortage Hits U.S.

And as an added issue, the government and officials are having gun buy-back programs that are shameful and the excuses for them are nothing but flimsy manipulation at best:

Dallasites turn in 147 guns in exchange for grocery cards


The city of Dallas’ gun buyback program yielded 147 guns in exchange for $50 grocery store gift cards Saturday, the city announced.

And more…

“This shows that people will be behind a positive activity,” said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, who spearheaded the event at Reunion Arena. “Some of those guns are ones our officers are up against.”

This is only one incident occurring across the country right now. Our new Attorney General Eric Holder is helping to push the excuse that due to the violence on the Mexican border we need more gun control.

Mexico: U.S. Must Stop Gun Trade At Border

This just strips the defenses of American citizens and gives complete carte blanche to the gangs and criminals. By sheer coincidence (I’m sure) this also makes US citizens much more controllable and compliant. A good article to read about this is:

Mexican Gun Control Success

Americans are arming up and prepping for what they see as a financial and civil meltdown that our government and leaders are purposely pushing in order to create two classes – the privileged elite (aka all our esteemed politicians and caretakers) and everyone else (i.e. you and me).

I have news for our supposed leaders, Americans will not passively and quietly give up their constitutional rights and freedoms. They will fight to the death if need be to keep them. You seem to have forgotten the blood our founding fathers spilled to forge this great country, but we haven’t. You treat the Constitution as a bothersome nuisance that you can’t wait to get rid of by subverting it through the UN.

Boxer Seeks to Ratify U.N. Treaty That May Erode U.S. Rights

And while the new administration does all it can to tank the economy and bring on a real depression with their global New Deal part deaux, Americans are girding themselves for the fight of their lives and this generation. Another good read was posted by Newt Gingrich on the economy today:

Exactly Wrong on the Economy

And Steve Schippert at ThreatsWatch.org sent us a link to a great article:

The Sucker Wakes

Inflation, Devaluation, and the Great Transfer ahead… It’s time to realize that ‘change’ is definitely here folks and not for the better. Stock up on your arms, food and gold if you can. Focus on taking care of your family and neighbors. This will be a long, unpleasant fight. On the bright side, I hear there’s good money to be made in ‘pitchforks.’

Pitchfork Time

You can’t tax people into oblivion – we are taxed openly at 35 to 50 per cent right now and with all the double taxation and hidden taxes you are looking at 70 per cent or better. Our President will be raising taxes on everyone so he can keep the money flowing to his cronies and businesses ‘too big to fail.’ Here’s a thought for you in parting, no government, no politician is too big to fail or to be handed their hat by the American citizenry.