Bush Versus The One – The Military Tells Us How They Really Feel…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Thought I would dash down a few thoughts on this while we are in the midst of a blizzard… At least we have a snow blower now. 🙂

The military as a whole loved President Bush. Their response to President Obama is lackluster at best and shows how they really feel about the new Commander In Chief.

Check out two great posts today. The first is from Bookworm Room (The few, the proud…the honest) and the second is from BlackFive (The difference). The videos on these two posts are very enlightening in the face of how our warriors are being treated and under what conditions they are now working. I’ll just say this… I have no doubt our military will protect America and our citizens – they love their country. But it must be hard to follow someone you have no respect for and who has done nothing but engender failure, a lack of command and the obvious lack of experience at the helm that Obama so eagerly displays…

Now back to our regularly scheduled admiration for the heroes in our military and those heroes on the ground – firefighters and police officers:

US Special Forces 2

When Courage Meets Circumstance – Firefighting Heroes

Navy SEAL David Goggins