A Revival of Patriots Nationwide

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

If you haven’t read Bob Owen’s piece at pajamas media – Chuck Norris vs. the Leftist Blogosphere – you are missing out big time. Bob does an excellent job of highlighting how the left is in a massive meltdown because Chuck Norris is rallying Americans to do their patriotic duty and stand up to the corrupt government we somehow embraced…

Predictably, the left seems enamored with picking out selective parts of written articles by conservatives and bleating that we are racist, hate-mongers – that we are treasonous seditionists. Nothing could be farther from the truth and if they actually READ what was written (as well as defined all those blood-boiling words) they would know that. Anything else that explains their behavior just shouts of deception and mass manipulation.

Chuck Norris’ article is a wonderful read – I may run for president of Texas. Not only do I agree with everything he wrote, I would go on to say that we are developing a whole new set of patriotic leaders that are pulling together Americans from every walk of life and every political leaning as well. Chuck Norris, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are names that all of us know and love and they share the majority of American’s ideology, values and principles.

With our government run amok and no one that we can trust on either side up there, it is nice to know that there are leaders rallying America together and instead of spending our way out of trouble, they are advocating following the constitution and putting freedom, liberty and true conservatism back to work…

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