Murtha, Murtha, Murtha…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Murtha Receives Distinguished Service Award from the Navy… Unbelievable, it’s like living in the twilight zone. Up is down, down is up… Brave marines are tried for bogus crimes and slimeballs like Murtha get Distinguished Service Awards. From BlackFive – Jack “Lummox” Murtha Receives Distinguished Service Award from the Navy?! And from a tip we received this morning from Patriots For America – Outrage of the morning…

Murtha shouldn’t get an award – he should be keel-hauled. Not only did he prosecute innocent marines, he broke their families financially and mentally. He is a monster who claimed immunity because he is a Congressman. You want to go after someone who really deserves to be prosecuted? This man does and he lives off your sweat and blood while trying to destroy our warriors and country. He is an abomination…


The next tax and spend power-grab

From Americans for Prosperity:

Washington , D.C. right now is like one of those old fashioned records that scratched and so it keeps playing the same tune over and over.

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi slam through a $787 billion “stimulus” bill to “save the economy.” Then, they pass a $410 billion omnibus spending bill with 8,500 earmarks even though Obama campaigned on a promise to end earmarks.

Working with 465,000 Americans who signed on through NoStimulus.com we fought them every step of the way and came within 1 vote of victory in the Senate. We said the “stimulus” bill had waste and abuses in it and we were right more than even we knew.

Did you see the latest outrage?

These $165 million in bonuses to the people who ran AIG into the ground and have now taken over $130 billion in taxpayer bailout money – turns out someone slipped into the 1,000 page “stimulus” bill a provision allowing these bonuses to be paid even after our taxpayer bailout money was given to the company.

That’s what happens when they pass a 1,000 page $787 billion wasteful spending bill…especially when they pass it with no oversight and little study under pressure of politicians like President Obama and Speaker Pelosi.

But now we need to make sure your Senator is aware that we will be paying attention to the truly dangerous $3.6 trillion 2010 Obama budget. Some quick numbers:

  • Raises taxes by a net of $1.35 TRILLION in next decade – big increases in income taxes and the death tax comes back.
  • Adds an estimated $1.7 TRILLION in new debt just this year – the actual budget deficit will be an estimated 12% of our total GDP (gross domestic product).
  • Federal Government spending will account for 27.7% of our total economy. Think about it – the federal government will be spending more than $1 in every $4 spent in the American economy under the Obama budget.
  • Institutes an Enery Tax on energy totaling over $1 trillion. Gasoline will go up by at least 50%. Home energy costs will skyrocket. Food costs and consumer product costs will rise. This Energy Tax is hidden in a scheme called “Cap and Trade.” This “Cap and Trade” scheme will have the government rationing energy and thus driving up the costs of energy to consumers.

For more information on Obama’s “Cap and Trade” scheme click here:


There’s more. President Obama is attempting to pass his “Cap and Trade” scheme with only 50 votes in the Senate instead of the 60 required for most legislation by using a Washington procedural trick called “reconciliation.” Click here for an article by Americans for Prosperity’s own Phil Kerpen that provides more details.

But the bottom line is simple. Unless we act now the Senate may very well use a procedural maneuver to pass this massive Energy Tax called “Cap and Trade” without proper debate and with only 50 votes instead of the 60 that should be required under Senate rules.

I’m asking you to call your Senator now at 202-224-3121 and demand that the Energy Tax vote on “Cap and Trade” be done without “reconciliation” – for a $1 trillion tax increase the Senate should have to have 60 votes instead of 50!

Click here to contact your Senator:


That’s the message in a nutshell.

It’s hard to believe the assault our economic freedoms are under. In fact, it can get down right maddening.

But as Americans we can and must respond the way we do to every serious challenge to our freedom and prosperity – by standing up and fighting.

At Americans for Prosperity, that’s exactly what we are doing.


PS Again, I urge you to contact your Senators now and tell them that the vote on the $1 trillion Energy Tax called “Cap and Trade” must be made without “reconciliation” because the Senate should follow its rules and require 60 votes, not 50, for such a huge tax increase.

Contact your Senator by clicking here:


Let your Senator Know that a Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Deserves Proper Debate on the Senate Floor

Call the Senate Switch Board at 202-224-3121

or Click here to Send Your Senator a Direct Message


A Terrorist’s Paradise – Gitmo, the vacation is ending…

Wow, coming to a neighborhood near you. These murderers will be free to kill more Americans thanks to Obama and his jihad-friendly administration. That’ll probably get me highlighted on their damn list… Check out Melissa Clouthier’s great column today: Would You Like A Gitmo Neighbor?–UPDATED AND BUMPED.

UPDATE: Wizbang! – Attorney General Holder: Some Gitmo Detainees Could be Release into the US

Brutally Honest – Coming to a neighborhood near you


Taxation With Misrepresentation

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Torch and Pitchfork Alert:

As our esteemed leaders (that’s sarcasm folks) meet to decide on taxing the bonuses that were given to AIG executives, I would remind everyone that if the Congress gets away with this, it means they can virtually penalize anyone with taxes for behaving in a way they don’t like. It is a violation of the US tax code and the Constitution and amounts to taxation with misrepresentation.

Meanwhile, Dodd can’t back away fast enough from all this and is beginning to cannibalize his fellow Democrats in an effort to spread the blame: Dodd Blames Obama Administration for Bonus Amendment (Update1).

And if that isn’t bad enough, the UN is getting ready to tax oil to the tune of 750 Billion as a green investment. What does that mean to us? That our fueling costs will rise dramatically and stay there. This will save the economy just about as much as printing money will – nada. In fact it will accelerate the collapse.

And last but certainly not least, the one-world global currency is now being pushed very hard by the UN. This will pave the way for a very few and especially the UN and the banks to virtually rule the world. Whoever controls the money, controls the planet. If it happens, you can kiss American sovereignty goodbye.

Torches, pitchforks? Sounding better all the time…

UPDATE: Check out this truly incredible article by John Bolton, one of my personal heroes. The Coming War on Sovereignty

UPDATE: Joel Rosenburg – U.N. PANEL SAYS WORLD SHOULD DITCH THE DOLLAR: World leaders discussing move to single currency

UPDATE: The New Editor – ‘If you don’t know who the mark is, you are the mark.’

UPDATE: Wizbang! – Why the Recipients of the AIG Bonuses Will Almost Certainly Not Have to Give Them Back

UPDATE: Bookworm Room – Are we sure Obama knows anything about the Constitution?

UPDATE: House Approves Taxing AIG Bonus Bonanza