Blaming the Victim

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Hillary Clinton is at this moment screaming like a shrew that the US is the cause of the majority of Mexico’s violence. U.S. to blame for much of Mexico violence: Clinton.

She is claiming this because she says that the majority of illegal drugs sold by their cartels comes to the US. She overlooks the fact that 1/5th of Mexico is now addicted to drugs within their own country: Mexico struggles with soaring drug addiction rate. Not only that, I would contend that the US with its lax enforcement of laws, is the staging area to move these drugs all over the world. Given, we have a huge drug problem here as well, but why is that? Could it be the liberal movement of not supporting our laws on the books?

Whatever happened to responsibility here? While Clinton panders to Mexico blaming the US and Pelosi calls illegal immigration enforcement ‘Un-American,’ we see in direct correlation to letting illegal immigrants populate our cities an increase in drug addiction and crime. The Mexicans get their arms on the black market, not from the US. They produce the drugs and are helped by South American gangs as well. And you can bet that a number of our enemies overseas are helping push the cartels’ agendas forward too…

Now, our government, as an excuse due to Mexican gangs and cartels moving into our major cities, wants to deploy agents and possibly military to more than just our border. They are talking about Chicago and Atlanta and I am sure many others as well. It reeks of big brother and the looming specter of martial law.

We can solve this – enforce the laws against illegal immigration. Build a border wall and take control of who comes in and goes out. Shoot on sight drug dealers and any Mexican force trying to harm Americans. If military force is necessary, fight that battle at the border or on their soil to keep innocent Americans from being in the line of fire. If Clinton feels so damn sorry for Mexico, she should live there. I’m sure her husband wouldn’t mind much… And while you’re at it, take Pelosi with you.

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