‘Rebranding’ Leaves Conservatives in Vacuum

By: Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty Writes

The long-exposure photo below, captured by Signaltheorist, shows the 30-minutes-long path of a Roomba® robotic vacuum cleaner. Appearing to have chaos and disorganization at the core of its effort, it reminds this blogger of the recently-announced effort to rebrand the Republican Party.

Unless those efforts are altered immediately, conservative-first party members — including yours truly — are destined to feel as if they’ve been left in a political vacuum, without a party to call their own.

In a commentary today, John Armor helps me make this argument when he recalls from his long-ago days in the advertising business that “rebranding” once meant putting a new name and a new slogan on an old product that the people demonstrably did not want.

“If ‘rebranding’ is all that the Republicans do, it will be a fraud,” the contributing editor at FamilySecurityMatters.org, explained. “It will fail. It will deserve to fail. And, the nation will be the worse for the lack of any competent opposition to present trends in the U.S. government.”

Armor didn’t say it, but I think he would agree that Sen. John McCain’s front-and-center involvement in this rebranding effort fits the description of “an old product that the people demonstrably did not want.” Perhaps, it’s time we throw out the old “vacuum cleaner” that is Senator McCain. After all, “my friends,” he’s been working hard for 27 years and, like most vacuum cleaners used that long, he is surely obsolete by now.