Financial News Update – 05/12/09

Obama’s Push for Health Care Cuts Faces Daunting Odds

Climate-Bill Breaks Bode Ill for Deficit

The IEA on the Financial Crash

Obama’s Growing Credibility Gap

Financial Prison Break: Banks Flee TARP

The Zombie Contagion Spreads

Tax Deferral 101

Obama’s Trillion Dollar Deficits in Pictures

Morning Bell: Obama Trek: The Search for More Money

Obama: Raise Death Tax to Pay for Healthcare

Chanos: Banks Pulled Off Biggest Heist Ever

Tread Carefully Before Investing in Big Banks

Recession Comes to Berkshire: $1.5 Billion Loss

Next challenge for banks: Credit card losses Number usually tracks unemployment, but this time it may be worse

Global Financial & Economic Crisis: How Much Time Do We Have Left?

Imminent Global Stock Market Crash to Support US Dollar

The Clock is Ticking on the US Dollar and Bond Markets

BofE Braces For Third Wave of Financial Crisis

Desperate Baby Boomers Return to Work

Peter Schiff: Don’t Be Fooled By Inflation

Short Sales: Banks Block Way Out of Foreclosure Crisis

Experts Say GM Bankruptcy is Almost Inevitable

Real Estate Crash Shifting to Commercial Properties

Welcome to the Frozen Economy

On The Subject of Bottoms


Obama Slashes CHRYLSER’s Advertising Budget by Half

Home Prices Drop Most on Record


GM Shares Plunge

Despite Stimulus Funds, States to Cut More Jobs

Crowd confronts police making shoplifting arrest

Federal Hiring Frenzy

Soda Tax Weighed to Pay for Health Care

U.S. posts first April budget deficit since 1983

Health of Social Security, Medicare Worsens

Less Pay for New Hires as Jobs Remain Scarce

Home Prices Slide 14 Percent

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