Financial News Update – 05/18/09

Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar; Nations move to use own currencies for trade

Blue collar males lose more ground; unemployment rate surges past national average

American Express Set to Slash 4,000 Jobs

Marc Faber: Capitalism Could Fail

Shilling: Stocks Will Plunge 32 Percent

Central Banks Could End Up Controlling Banking

Doug Kass: Vicious Correction Due

Legalization Won’t Save Social Security

End TARP and End the Stimulus

Doomed to Repeat Energy Tax History? (Part 8 in a 10-Part Series)

Bad Regulation, Not Deregulation, Caused Financial Crisis

Politics of Cap and Trade Just Cost You $2 Trillion

Obama’s Debt Gamble

Morning Bell: The Costs and Benefits of Waxman-Markey

Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade scheme will wreck U.S. economy

G.M. Seeks More Imports From Low-Wage Regions

CBO admits for first time chance IMF may default

Jim Rogers: Food prices will skyrocket

Hot In Recession: Cheaper Wine, Chocolate, Running Shoes, Spam

GM, Chrysler Dealership Cull to Cost 100,000 Jobs

The Return of the Banker’s Bet

$3 Trillion Later…

US Prices Fall Most Since 1955

German Slump Drags Europe Down Deeper

FDIC: Some Bank CEO Jobs on the Line

Dead Receive Millions in Stimulus Money

California State Workers Outraged at Possible Layoffs

From Jobs to Food Stamps in One Week

Economy limiting services of local police…

Hotel crime rises in recession


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