Self-Defense Claim on Trial in Oklahoma City

By: Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty Writes

Jerome Ersland, a 57-year-old Oklahoma City pharmacist, is in court today, facing first-degree murder charges for his role in the May 19 shooting death of 16-year-old Antwun Parker.

The video above shows how things went down: Parker and an accomplice entered Reliable Discount Pharmacy while brandishing handguns and wearing ski masks; Ersland reacted by using his personal sidearm to defend himself and his coworkers.

The prosecutor will, no doubt, argue that Ersland used excessive force to thwart the robbery attempt. I think a jury will find in Ersland’s favor. What do you think the outcome will be?

More details are available via this article at The Oklahoman.

2 thoughts on “Self-Defense Claim on Trial in Oklahoma City

  1. If they take him to trial, that will be a very unpopular prosecution. If they convict him, the public there will lose faith with the local law enforcement.

    However, there seems to be a lack of clarity on one part of his actions: the prosecution claims he shot the already-wounded bad guy a further five times as he lay on the ground.

    They want to characterize that as premeditation.

    I would take issue with this, as Mr. Ersland’s state of mind would be informed by 1) his disabled condition (he wears a back brace from surgeries), and 2) an overload of adrenaline.

    In his shoes, I find myself frightened by the initiation of the event, further frightened by my inability to withstand any direct physical encounter, and finally spurred to action by a massive adrenaline dump.

    The guy had to be shaking for a good half hour after this happened.

    Whether what he did is “over the line” or not, I don’t think a case for “premeditation” is supportable.

    ~~ AG

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