Obama’s Dinner and a Show – Let Them Eat Cake…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

My husband and I have been together a long time and throughout our marriage we have had ‘date nights’ – that is when we could afford them and there were not other pressing responsibilities afoot. I think it is a good thing for spouses to spend ‘alone time’ together – in fact essential.

Having said that, even when we were making good money, we never jetted to New York in a Gulfstream-type plane, had dinner at the posh ‘Blue Hill Restaurant’ on Washington Place, then took in a play – Joe Turner’s Come and Gone’ at the Belasco Theater. All on the American people’s bankrupt dime of course…

Millions are losing their jobs and are behind on their mortgages. Businesses are being closed down (some simply because they don’t agree with our new President – who by the way is making sure his donors get great jobs with all the bennies…) and the dollar is sinking into a pit of no return. Thugs who harassed voters get away clean – because they were for Obama.

It’s as if the newly elected arrogant narcissist that vowed ‘Change’ in America, is saying, “Let the American people eat cake – bow before your leader and bask in my glory.” The disregard for our military, our religious principles, our very fabric as a country is staggering. But never fear – Obama will renew his commitment to Islamic nations next week. Well, that makes Americans feel sooo much better. While our government is diving headfirst into Marxism and enslaving all of us in debt, our fearless leader is wining and dining his spouse who is, for the first time, not ashamed to be an American – you know, now that it is socialist and now that her hubby is ruling it like a dictator – raping and pillaging until he is removed or there is nothing left.

Just another date night for the first couple – “Let them eat cake.”

Update: From the Radio Patriot – Drawing Comparisons

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GOP AWOL on Battling Obama’s Radical Agenda

By: Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty Writes

Every once in a while, I’m asked about my political affiliation. I always end up saying I’m a conservative before I’m a Republican. Below, I explain why.

While President Barack Obama and his liberal cronies in Congress continue to push hard to implement myriad so-called “reform” efforts aimed at reshaping the American landscape, it appears the Republican Party is wandering in the wilderness, lacking anything that looks like a cohesive strategy for battling the libs.

For example, the graphic above shows what I found when I went to the Republican National Committee’s YouTube Channel and searched for any references to the word “reform.” The result: No Videos found for ‘reform’.

Because health care reform is one of the most-controversial of the “reform” measures now being bantered about in the nation’s capitol, I decided to search the site for the terms, “healthcare” and “health care.” It produced the same results: Nothing!

Perhaps expecting too much from the party foolish enough to select Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) as its presidential nominee in 2008, I decided to venture into the world at large for evidence of anyone battling Obama’s government-run health care plans. I found advertisements like the one below, being aired by the group, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights.

While the video above is spot-on with it’s message, the organization behind it suffers from a credibility gap as a result of the person at its helm, Chairman Rick Scott.

Below is an ad paid for by Health Care for America Now, a group self-described as the nations largest health care campaign. It points out the flaws that cause a conservative like me to shudder in disbelief and wonder why on earth the most-visible opposition to Obama’s radical health care plans had to include someone like Scott as its “face.”