GOP AWOL on Battling Obama’s Radical Agenda

By: Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty Writes

Every once in a while, I’m asked about my political affiliation. I always end up saying I’m a conservative before I’m a Republican. Below, I explain why.

While President Barack Obama and his liberal cronies in Congress continue to push hard to implement myriad so-called “reform” efforts aimed at reshaping the American landscape, it appears the Republican Party is wandering in the wilderness, lacking anything that looks like a cohesive strategy for battling the libs.

For example, the graphic above shows what I found when I went to the Republican National Committee’s YouTube Channel and searched for any references to the word “reform.” The result: No Videos found for ‘reform’.

Because health care reform is one of the most-controversial of the “reform” measures now being bantered about in the nation’s capitol, I decided to search the site for the terms, “healthcare” and “health care.” It produced the same results: Nothing!

Perhaps expecting too much from the party foolish enough to select Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) as its presidential nominee in 2008, I decided to venture into the world at large for evidence of anyone battling Obama’s government-run health care plans. I found advertisements like the one below, being aired by the group, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights.

While the video above is spot-on with it’s message, the organization behind it suffers from a credibility gap as a result of the person at its helm, Chairman Rick Scott.

Below is an ad paid for by Health Care for America Now, a group self-described as the nations largest health care campaign. It points out the flaws that cause a conservative like me to shudder in disbelief and wonder why on earth the most-visible opposition to Obama’s radical health care plans had to include someone like Scott as its “face.”

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