Financial News Update – 06/02/09

Glenn Beck: First a car company, and now you own this!

Glenn Beck: 31 year old in charge of ruining capitalism

The Federal Deficit Gets Nearly Indecipherable – Hat Tip: Bruce Kessler

Little Engine That Could? Government’s Role in GM Bears Resemblance to Amtrak Route

Administration Is Near Finance Overhaul Plan

Experts Fear U.S. Will Suffer Zimbabwe-Level Inflation

China Humming A Sweet Tune

Throwing It in Reverse

The Not So Reluctant Shareholder

Russian President may push ‘new world currency’

Oil slides below $68 as investors eye inflation



Latest in string of nationalized companies

Politicians now running auto giant

GM reveals incentive package as it tries to shed workers

GM’s May sales fall 30%, FORD down 24%

Hummer sold to Chinese

FBI targets fraud in TARP, stimulus fund

Survival Blog:

More Prime Foreclosures; More Re-Defaults

Black Swan Fund Makes a Big Bet on Inflation

Chris Laird’s latest commentary on the commodities markets

A Pessimistic Assessment, Especially for Europe; Commentary from Niall Ferguson, Transatlantic Author and Academic

Elliott Wave Guru Sees Dark Days Ahead

Industry Fears Americans May Quit New Car Habit

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