Financial News Update – 06/04/09

Biden: We Are Spending As Fast As We Can

Wal-Mart Opening Stores, Hiring Thousands This Year

Germany Warns of Fed Power, Another Crisis

Facing Billions in Red Ink, Airlines Demand Help

Court to Hear Appeal on Chrysler Deal on Friday

Benefit spending soars to new high

Plan to Help Banks Clear Their Books Is Halted

Bernanke Presses For Fiscal Restraint

Inhofe’s Road to Clean, Affordable Energy

American Workers Deserve a RAISE

Who Needs a Ways and Means Committee?

The Great Obama: Pulling A GM Profit Out Of His ‘Box of Cash’

Microsoft: Obama Tax Hikes Will Cost US Jobs

The Global Government Debt Bubble Is Here

Rove: It’s the Economy, Stupid

1 of every 6 dollars of Americans’ income is government check or voucher

MICROSOFT to move jobs overseas if Obama tax plan goes through

From Survival Blog:

Toxic assets ‘bridge too far’

Is Your Portfolio Ready for Hyperinflation?

Experts Fear U.S. Will Suffer Zimbabwe-Level Inflation

Dollar Declines as Nations Mull Reserve Currency Alternative

Bernanke: Start Work Now to Curb Deficits

Signs of a New Financial Storm for September Coming from Dubai and Saudi Arabia

California’s Day of Reckoning a Warning to Europe

40% Unemployment in the US?

31-Year-Old “Almost Law Student” in Charge of Dismantling GM

Citigroup Stuck with Bernanke Plan Rivals Plan to Refuse

US Newspaper Revenue Slide Continues

GM Shuts Part of US “Arsenal of Democracy”

Chinese Students Laugh at Geithner

Stock Market Dissonance: Why The Market No Longer Reflects Main Street Economics And The Dow Jones Industrial Average

“One of the biggest bankruptcies in history occurred on June 1st yet you would not know this by looking at the stock market. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) shot up by 220 points. If we look at total assets, this is the fourth largest bankruptcy in history. The Dow is made up of 30 companies that show a supposedly wide cross section of the American economy. The company that filed for bankruptcy was General Motors and was actually one of the 30 components. A company that dates back to 1908 and survived the Great Depression. So how can it be that a company that employs 250,000 filing for bankruptcy is actually good for the stock market and makes the DJIA rally so strongly? The easy answer is the stock market no longer reflects the economic reality on main street.”

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