Tea Party Express Culminates in Giant “March on Washington” 9/12/2009


For Immediate Release:
July 28, 2009

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Tea Party Express Culminates in Giant “March on Washington” 9/12/2009

SACRAMENTO, CA – The coast-to-coast “Tea Party Express” tour (website: www.TeaPartyExpress.org) will launch in 30 days with the mission of bringing together conservatives who are concerned about the impact current government policies will have on the future of our nation.

Sensing a growing need for like-minded conservatives to gather together and voice concern, The Tea Party Express was formed with two principle goals in mind:

1. To encourage Americans to rise up and speak out against the out-of-control spending, taxpayer-funded bailouts, higher taxes, and quasi-socialistic growth in the size and power of government (including government takeovers of private companies, Cap & Trade, nationalized health care, etc…)

2. To identify some of the worst offenders in Congress and mobilize Americans to oppose their re-election in the upcoming 2010 congressional elections.

The “Tea Party” movement, which started as a fractured but earnest grassroots outcry against oppressive and dangerous government policy, has developed into a nationwide phenomenon that encourages Americans to stand up against the greed and waste of big government, and calls for a return to conservatism and adherence to the Constitution.

The rallies will focus on holding local policy-makers accountable for destructive legislation and policy that reeks of socialism and threatens to permanently cripple the American economy.

The Tea Party Express features action-oriented conservative spokespeople and entertainers such as talk show host Mark Williams, Marine Mom Deborah Johns, singer Lloyd Marcus, YouTube sensation Rivoli Review, Tea Party Patriots member Amy Kremer, and Lew Uhler, President of the National Tax Limitation Committee.

For more information, including a full tour schedule, please visit www.teapartyexpress.org.


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Medal of Honor Video (July 4 Exclusive)

From: Great Americans

Medal of Honor Recipient Turns 100

The American flag flies while Japanese bombs are “bursting in air” over Pearl Harbor. John Finn’s story embodies the phrase “home of the brave” in our anthem. Finn inspired his men by firing a machine gun at the planes strafing his exposed position for over two hours. He never stopped firing at the enemy though he was hit 21 times. He turns 100 this month.

America’s Real Heroes

In creating the Medal of Honor, Abraham Lincoln said “Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure”. Our partnership with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation reflects our commitment to honoring our nation’s real heroes for their courage, sacrifice and patriotism.