Financial News Update – 07/04/09

Morning Bell: The Left’s Assault on the Declaration of Independence

Preempting Possible Obama Administration Spin On Stimulus

India Joins Russia, China in Questioning Dominance of U.S. Dollar

WIRE: Rising debt may be next crisis – Ya think?

Much-needed tax refunds delayed from GA to CA


Colin Powell Skeptical of Obama’s Spending Priorities


Nick Taleb declares: ‘We’re in the Middle of a Crash’

Seven more banks closed

U.S. job losses spike in June, dampen recovery hopes

FDIC Proposes Tough Investor Guidelines For Failed Banks

Obama Confident in Economic Recovery Despite Jobs Report

Prime Mortgage Delinquencies Up 260%

The Monumental Cap and Trade Outrage (video)

Worldwide Depression: Review of Global Markets

Mounting US Jobless Claims Force States to Borrow

Scalia Slams Bush Officials On Bank Regulations

Stocks Tumble After Jobs Report 467,000 people lost their jobs last month

States Work to Stave Off Government Shutdowns

Schwarzenegger Orders Third Furlough Day, Proposes New Cuts

Florida Drivers Will Pay Higher DMV Rates for Everything

US Diesel Supply Climbs as Goods Orders Slip

Sweden Cuts Deposit Rate to NEGATIVE .25%

Treasury’s Distressed Debt Plan Said to Begin With $20 Billion

Morgan Stanley May Post Loss After Paying Back U.S. Bailout Funds

China’s Zeng Urges More Oversight of Reserve-Currency Nations

Dow off 223 as unemployment jumps

Krugman: U.S. Headed for Jobless Recovery

Weak US jobs data dashes quick recovery hopes

G8 alone can’t solve world’s problems. (This changes the players)

China wants diversified global monetary system

Credit Report Warns of Russia’s Imploding Banks

A Bank Run Teaches Amish About Risks of Modernity

Chase Cardholders See Hike as Raw Deal Monthly minimum payments will more than double in August

Hotel Loan Defaults Double as Recession Cuts Travel

Asian Stocks Post Weekly Loss on Worsening Jobless Figures, Commodities

Japan Backs Dollar as Reserve Currency

IOU’s Spell Uncertainty for California Small Businesses

Will California’s Budget Crisis Whack Your Munis?

Many July 4th Shows Going Up in Smoke

US Job Losses in June Deeper than Forecast

Pet-Supply Retailers Grow While Others Fade

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