Culture Watch Vol. 80

By: Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

This health care protestor just doen’t get it.

Townhall health care debates dominated the news last week, with Democrats outraged that Joe Six-Pack is actually demanding answers – answers that they don’t have. Despite outspending critics by a margin of 3 to 1, Americans still aren’t buying what the left is selling. For the first time in over two years of polling, voters trust Republicans slightly more than Democrats on the handling of the issue of health care. Duh. More details in Elite Meldtown.


An African-American man from Mississippi, trying to paint (racist) white supremacists as the villains in the health care debate, has admitted posing as a white supremacist to send a death threat across state lines by Facebook. What a state of affairs – when you actually have to manufacture racism. Good thing the left has banned shame.

And video has surfaced showing how left-wing group ACORN has teamed up with local police in an effort to keep Americans from talking to each other (using the threat of law) as they wait in line at a townhall meeting. This is scary stuff.


Glenn Beck’s program on Fox News is generating outrage on the left. An organized campaign (with ties to Obama) has succeeded in getting 3 liberal sponsors of the show to withdraw their ads. But Glenn Beck fans are fighting back. Stay tuned.

Speaking of media, looks like CNN can’t stand the heat and has decided to ban radio talk show hosts from appearing on CNN. Oh, pooh:)

Two days after a DNA test revealed former VP candidate John Edwards to be the father of his mistress Rielle Hunter’s baby, Edwards bravely admitted it. Quel Courage! Did I mention Edwards is a Democrat?

The bad news: The percentage of people who claim no religion has nearly doubled since 1990. Meanwhile, the percentage of Christians is on the decline, according to a new study.

The good news: Thus far in 2009, 40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative.

PETA’s McCruelty campaign

PETA’s “McCruelty Campaign” has ruffled the feathers of moms and dads in Albany who say they don’t want their kids exposed to any throat-slitting chickens or pictures of slaughtered poultry.

What week would be complete without a public Mea Culpa? This week’s came from the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs who apologized “on behalf of American people” to all Indian tribes for the mistreatment and violence by American citizens. Just in case anyone forgot what an evil country the US is, has been, and always will be.


If you’ve got some time, check out the ever expanding list of Obama’s Czars.

JetBlue Airways will offer an “all-you-can-jet” pass for $599 in which passengers can book an unlimited amount of flights within a one-month span.

California could get nine House seats it doesn’t constitutionally rate because illegal aliens will be counted in 2010, concluded an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal.

A Scottish soldier has been praised for making the longest recorded kill in Afghanistan after shooting a top Taliban fighter from almost a mile away.

Disturbing video: Arab Festival 2009: Sharia In The US

Need a job? You might want to head to N. Dakota – it has the country’s lowest unemployment rate at 4.2 percent, a budget surplus of $1.2 billion and more than 9,000 unfilled jobs.

Last, but not least, Obama is preparing to fire a batch of US attorneys. This, as his attorney general moves closer to a formal investigation of Bush – for doing the same thing. Aargh!


RightBias has had to recall its IDIOT AWARDS, due to, well, so many liberals acting so incredibly stupidly. This week’s winner is Senator Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich) who claimed “Climate change is very real.” As evidence, she stated, “Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I’m flying.” Words fail…

Yale University gets our runner-up award in yet another bow to radical Islam. Yale is refusing to publish cartoons and images of the Prophet Muhammad in a new book about those very pictures. My question is, how do you publish a book about Muslim cartoons without the Muslim cartoons? Gee, if only I had a PhD…

Honorable Mention:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has repeatedly called the health care dissenters ‘evil mongers.’ Here’s hoping his idiotic attempt to create a catchy soundbite will follow him forever.

This week, I’ll leave you with a lovely, soothing site dedicated to showing what a great country we live in. My Beautiful America. Just in case you forgot.

Till next week, keep smiling,

Nancy Morgan


Eugenics and John Holdren the Science Czar

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Zombie has written a new article on the Science Czar: John Holdren and Harrison Brown. Detailed and extremely disturbing, this is one post you must read in total:

Lifelong intellectual infatuation with eugenics-minded futurist casts shadow over Science Czar Holdren’s worldview

John Holdren, the Science Czar of the United States, has long expressed an intense admiration — one that bordered on hero-worship — of a man named Harrison Brown, a respected scientist from an earlier generation who spent his later years writing about overpopulation and ecological destruction. In fact, as Holdren has pointed out several times (including very recently), it was Harrison Brown’s most famous book, The Challenge of Man’s Future, which transformed the young Holdren’s personal philosophy and which inspired him to later embark on a career in science and population policy which in many ways mirrored that of his idol Brown.

Holdren’s regard for Brown was so high that in 1986 he edited and co-wrote an homage to Brown entitled Earth and the Human Future: Essays in Honor of Harrison Brown, in which Holdren showers Brown with accolades and unrestrained applause.

At first glance, there’s nothing remarkable or amiss with this picture: one respected scientist giving credit to and paying tribute to another. Happens all the time. Except in this case, something is amiss. Grievously amiss. Because Harrison Brown, whatever good qualities Holdren might have seen in him, was also an unapologetic eugenicist who made horrifying recommendations for “sterilizing the feeble-minded” and other “unfit” substandard humans whom he thought should be “pruned from society.” (See the quotes from Holdren on the left and Brown on the right for a small sampling of the evidence presented below.)

You might think that these opinions would disqualify Brown as someone deserving praise in the modern world; but not to John Holdren, it seems — perhaps because Brown’s views (as Holdren himself has stated many times) were the basis of Holdren’s own worldview.

Next in Zombie’s report, the evidence is laid out for all to see and is very enlightening… Holdren is a serious eugenicist and he has a blatantly totalitarian view of the world – the man is a monster. One of Obama’s hand-picked Czars wielding tremendous power, this man will be a national disaster for the US. He does not believe in national sovereignty or individual freedom. Read more here from my previous post: Science Czar: John Holdren.

Zombie’s report is detailed and fascinating – read it and see just what Dear Leader has in store for all Americans…