Dick Cheney Ex-Vice President Slams Obama Policies


Former US vice president Dick Cheney has delivered a stinging attack on the foreign policy of President Obama.

Mr Cheney said the President was “dithering” and “waffling” on Afghanistan while American troops face constant danger.

The former number two in the White House has criticised Mr Obama before, but these are his strongest words yet.

It is convention that former presidents and vice presidents are not outspoken in their criticism of successors.

George W Bush has made few public statements on Mr Obama.

But in a speech to a think tank in Washington, Mr Cheney said: “Having announced his Afghanistan strategy in March, President Obama now seems afraid to make a decision, and unable to provide his commander on the ground with the troops he needs to complete the mission.

“It’s time for President Obama to make good on his promise. The White House must stop dithering while America’s armed forces are in danger.

2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney Ex-Vice President Slams Obama Policies

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  2. DickCheney is one of the shadiest characters to ever participate in American govt. Don Rumsfeld collaborated with Sadam Hussain because he wanted in on the profits from a trans-Iraq pipeline,allowed Hussain free rein to gas Iranians; Cheney made afortune off of war spoils in the middleeast and manipulating oil prices, then his associates made a fortune when he manipulated america into war and manipulated our govt into outsourcing most of the war activities to his former company. All at the expense of ordinary naive americans not to mention the whole middleeast.
    They both started the Iraq war to cover up evidence against them (of course they knew there were no weapons of mass destruction; that’s not what they were after … they were after Bush to start a war with Iraq even before he got into office … it was the evidence implicating them in the propping up of Sadam Hussein they were after … they manipulated Hussein for their ends until the day he got a little too cocky and became more than they could handle… They were paranoid his associates would squeal so then lookedfor every excuse to get him out of the picture and find and destroy the evidence against them..)
    AMERICANSWAKE UP. stop listening to these evil pair Cheney (Dr. Evil)and Rumsfeld (minime). These guys are greed and evil from the get-go. They’ve made fortunes off of creating chaos in the middleeast. They are afraid that if there is ever peace their blood $$$ will stop rolling in. If there’s another attack on American soil youcan bet that Cheney’s behind it. HE knows allthe shady characters in the mideast and can hire whoever he wants to continue to reap chaos throughout the world. Cheney and Rumsfeld will stop at nothing to get their way. Too bad we have elections. They’re out of office but still trying to manipulate their way back in.
    AMERICANSWAKE UPstop being manipulated. Start asking questions. Watch these guys like hawks.Follow their every move. Watch who they associate with. Look into where their $$ came from. All Oil,all middleeast, allchaos ,all blood. No cartoon characters, these are the real thing.

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