Financial News Update – 12/01/09

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General Motors CEO Reportedly to Resign

Alwaleed Says Banks Made Wrong Assumptions about Dubai Credit

Climate Agenda: High Price, Low Return

CBO: Senate health plan to raise premiums

Bernanke: Strong Fed Is Essential

Sanders: Time to Dump Bernanke

Rogers: Obama Will Fire Geithner

Swiss Franc Seen Usurping Dollar

Mobius: 20 Pct. Market Drop on Dubai

Are the CBO’s Insurance Premium Projections Too Optimistic?

Estate Tax Increase a Killer for Family-owned Businesses

Senator Webb to Obama on Copenhagen: Don’t Do Anything Congress Can’t Do

Sacrifice Spending to Pay for the War

More Funny Numbers from the Obama Administration

Rep. Issa Questions Plan to Pay Government Workers for Government Property


Far from being a safe haven, the dollar is the likely source of the next financial crisis

We must get ready for a weak-dollar world

UAE to Back Banks Amid Dubai Meltdown

Professor Advises Underwater Mortgage Holders to Walk Away From Mortgage

Furious Investors Warn Dubai it Will Never Raise Another Penny

How Much Longer Can the Dollar Defy Gravity?

South Africa’s Golden Age Coming to An End

Senator Opposes Bernanke’s Renomination

Few Signposts Mark the Road to Economic Recovery

Shoppers Spent Less Over Black Friday Weekend

Unemployed Turn to Church Networking Groups

Idle Hands: Some Puritan Advice for the Unemployed

Treasury To Push More Mortgage Firms to Reduce More Loan Payments

Home Prices May Be Headed Back Down

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