Financial News Update – 12/02/09

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Faber: Dubai Debacle Just Tip of Iceberg

You will pay more

New $100 billion safety net for jobless in works

Ross: Commercial Real Estate Crash Is Here

Watch Live: Cantor’s Jobs Plan

Video: How Obamacare Rations Mammograms

Video: Estate Tax a Killer for Family-owned Businesses – Part 2

Surgeons Oppose Government Takeover of Health Care

Roubini: U.S. Has Two Economies

The ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate? 17.5 Percent

Dubai Debt Stokes Fears of Next Disaster

Alwaleed Says Banks Made Wrong Assumptions about Dubai Credit

Hefty Obama Donors at Jobs Forum


Gold acquires new investment aura: The weight of gold coins sold by the US Mint far this year has exceeded the one million ounce mark, up 40% year-on-year

Sticker Shock at Pump: Gas Prices Poised to Soar

Is The Fed Facing Margin Calls From European Banks?

Knocking off two zeroes. (BTW, don’t gloat, the US Dollar may be next to have a 100-for-1 exchange): North Korea Revalues Currency to Curb Free Trade.

What Recovery? U.S. Consumers Getting “Dramatically Worse,” Howard Davidowitz Says

UAE Central Bank Guarantees Dubai Banks’ Debt to Head Off Crash

Lenders Face Sanctions For Failed Loan Modifications

The Art of Silver Manipulation

Just Like Dubai, Our Recovery is Built on Sand

Banks Must Pay for Market Failure

Audit The Fed: Bernanke and the Bankers are Running Scared

Is Britain on the Brink of Financial Armageddon?

Dubai, Debt, and a Return to Reality

John Galt: The Day The Dollar Died, Part 5 (A New Day Of Economic Justice For All)

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