Financial News Update – 12/03/09

Michelle Malkin – Unbelievable update: The crappiest NYTimes column on Obamacare just got crappier; Update: Kristof’s disingenuous non-response

The Forgotten Depression of 1920

Congressional Black Caucus pushes bailout for Air America/Sharpton/Jackson crony

Dog-and-crony show: Another White House summit distraction

Dem’s NEW Jobs Plan will Only Cost America $300 Billion …Update: Another US Manufacturer Packs Its Bags

Michelle Malkin exposes exceptionally shoddy New York Times “journalism”

John Brodniak: The Sob Story That Isn’t

Flopping Aces Own Climategate Read-me File

Some Interesting Updates to NYT ObamaCare Story

Anatomy of Obama’s Government-Abetted Fraud: Why Soros Always Forecloses

Obama Confronts Job-Growth Limits at Employment Forum (Update1)

Senate Breaks Health Stalemate; First Votes Today

GROVES: National sovereignty may melt at climate conference

Tea-party explosion! Movement blasts off – ‘We’re delivering this crowd right to the White House’

Video: Baucus Admits Obamacare Costs $2.5 Trillion

The Jobs Summit: Jobs Failure 2.0

Why Big Government Stimulus Fails

Dead Men Pay No Taxes

NOW: Live POLITICO Webchat on Jobs, Economy & the Death Tax

Guest Blogger: Rep. Schock (R-IL):Free Trade Will Boost Jobs

Morning Bell: The Road to Recovery Begins with the End of Obamacare

Climategate Escalating, Smoking Gun Could Be 1940’s ‘Blip’

Senator moves to slow Bernanke’s Fed confirmation

POLL: Just 21% Favor Reappointment

Comcast to Take Majority Stake in NBC

John Stossel: Who Creates Jobs?

Jobless Claims Fall for Fifth Straight Week

FoxBusiness: U.S. Services Sector Takes Downturn

Obama to Meet With Business Leaders at Jobs Summit


Virginia Borrows $1.26 Billion to Pay Unemployment Benefits; Detroit Loses $400 Million on $800 Million of Bonds; Detroit’s Easy Solution

Four Reasons Hyperinflation Hasn¹t Hit the U.S. Economy Yet

What’s Worse? Hyperinflation or Deep Recession?

National Inflation Association’s 10 Most Interesting New Answers

Potential For Fed To Hyperinflate

More Consumers Late on Auto Loan Repayments in Third Quarter

Morgan Stanley Fears UK Sovereign Debt Crisis In 2010

Gold $1,200; Gold And Silver Up 13% and 14% In November

Food Stamp Usage Across The Country

Fed Moves To Drain Some Money Out Of The Economy

Unemployment Rises In Almost Half Of Metro Areas

Fed Survey Finds Recovery Gaining Momentum. [JWR Adds: We really should have a “Humor” department to file these news items.]

Stocks, Commodities Rise On Dubai, China; Dollar Weakens

The New Iceland? Greece Fights To Rein In Debt

Gold Breaks $1,200

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