S-R Associate Editor Gary Crooks pulls stunt ala Steve Smith former S-R editor

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MSM censorship of its critics & control of the news/thought/information of the day – The Savage Manslaughter Case & the Spokesman-Review

I was answering questions posed to me from other commenters in this open thread that has become a debate on the Climategate story as it develops. My comment was immediately removed by S-R Associate Editor/Editorial Writer Gary Crooks. Shades of former S-R Editor Steve Smith?

I posted this already once but it was apparently removed because I linked back to my own site re my criticism of this paper and it’s owners. I was calling to their attention their hypocrisy re criticism of their business dealings in this town that directly led to the death of Jo Savage and their refusal to cover this story to protect their owners from criminal prosecution. This is a dark little secret in this town that the owners of the paper are trying to keep secret. Little do they realize the power of the new social media to break the veil on these secrets e.g., the Catholic Church’s longstanding secret of its sexual abuses was broken my this new media in Boston in 2002 (See Shirky’s book “Here comes Everybody’).

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