3 thoughts on “Harry Reid Likens Passing Government-Run Health Care To Ending Slavery

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  2. Oh, priceless irony.

    Legislation which will have the practical effect of turning our free citizens into citizen-serfs, instituting the “soft slavery” of wealth redistribution, is hailed as being like unto “ending slavery.”

    Oh, gawd.

    “Here, put on these handcuffs, and remember how great it was when we took the chains off the slaves.”

    Staggering delusion.


  3. It was HIS Party!! From Wikipedia – “McClellan was nominated by the Democrats to run against Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 U.S. presidential election…He supported continuation of the war and restoration of the Union, but the party platform, written by Copperhead Clement Vallandigham of Ohio, was opposed to this position. The platform called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and a negotiated settlement with the Confederacy. McClellan was forced to repudiate the platform, which made his campaign inconsistent and difficult. He also was not helped by the party’s choice for vice president, George H. Pendleton, a peace candidate from Ohio.[74]”

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