A scene from the Pearl Harbor Attack on Dec. 7, 1941

We remember Pearl Harbor today and salute all those who gave their lives and all those who fought for our freedom during that time… You are our heroes now and forever and we will never forget you.

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Garry Hamilton:

I don’t expect everyone here to be a Heinlein fan, but there’s an appropriate quote from one of his books, Space Cadet, that will be recognized by anyone who’s read it:

“I answer for him.”

It was a tradition that the names of fallen heroes were assigned to a currently living cadet and, in addition to answering his own name at all musters, the cadet to whom the hero’s name was assigned would respond, “I answer for him” whenever that particular fallen hero’s name was called at muster.

Those heroes were remembered and accounted for at every muster.

The fallen are always with us.

It is fitting to remember them and to honor their memories.

Garry Hamilton:

Remembering a Sunday morning in 1941.

(A decent photo essay here: http://www.rivervet.com/pearl_harbor.htm)

While forgiveness may be appropriate, forgetfulness will never be.

The passions that drive men to wage wars and moreover to attack without warning continue to be part of humanity’s baggage, as we discovered nearly sixty years later.

Those who would prey on liberty depend on the short memories of civilized peoples.

Never forget.

UPDATE: Bing’s page for Pearl Harbor…

Google – nada… ‘Nough said, but Garry says it better:

You know, I think this little, minor, insignificant, un-noteworthy, completely inconsequential, shrug-worthy difference between Google and Bing is worth noticing out loud in public.

Like on our various blogs.

Google pretty much detests what America stands for, and that’s plain enough to see for anyone who’s been paying attention, but talking to them and chiding them for these omissions has yielded no fruit whatsoever.

I think a standard Bing vs Google entry for major holidays or memorials (and birthdays of presidents), showing the patriotic recognitions given by Bing and the disdain given by Google would hit them where it hurts: in the public perception.

Hey, who knows, they may not change their behavior at all, but perhaps when they start losing traffic, it will occur to them that it’s worth minding who it is that makes them relevant.