Join the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th!

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Fellow Patriots,

Last week we announced two major new efforts underway. The first is the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party now scheduled for Washington, D.C. on April 15th. The second is the launch of the Patriot Caucus.


Due to unexpected response and high volumes of email, we’ve determined that both of these events will be significantly larger than we originally expected.

Thankfully, Freedomworks is assuming most of the logistical costs involved in the march on Washington. But, in order to keep the Patriot Caucus free, we need to raise enough money to be able to solidify the venue and set up the infrastructure needed to pull the event off smoothly.

Please consider a small contribution to help us make these two events a huge success!

Click on the following link to contribute:

Any amount you can contribute is a huge help and greatly appreciated.

For Liberty,
Eric Odom

UPDATE: We are now setting up arrangements for buses and hotels for April 15th. Please stay tuned for an announcement about these plans coming soon.


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