Nevada News & Views – December 7, 2009

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By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Views


  • Nevada Republicans Sit on Santa’s Lap (Chuck Muth) – Newly elected Nevada GOP Chief Chris Comfort is gonna need all the help he can get turning the tables on Nevada Democrats next year, so it might not be a bad idea to visit ol’ St. Nick with a wish-list that I’ll be happy to provide for him here today.
  • Who’s Funding Harry Reid? (Jim Clark) – As we approach the 2010 midterm elections more and more Harry Reid ads are pushing the AFLAC duck and GEICO gecko off our television screens. Many are paid for by the teacher union and the Service Employees’ International Union but Senator Reid has his own stash of money to flood the airwaves.
  • The Obama War Plan: A Recipe for Disaster! (Wayne Allyn Root) – I describe myself as a Reagan Libertarian. My heroes are Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. I am a strong supporter of the brave men and women who risk their lives and limbs to defend our freedom. I would never hesitate to defend America or her interests around the world. I am not shy about retaliating against terrorists, or other enemies of America.
  • The Church of Climate Change (Mike Zahara) – The fate of another failed round of post-Kyoto global interference with successful industrialized nations versus the rest of the world in Copenhagen, occurred earlier this year when Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was publicly told by both China and India that they won’t be doing anything to shackle their economies in the face of ‘global warming’, now called ‘climate change’ because the evidence of ‘warming’ has become an Inconvenient ‘Untruth’.
  • BOOK REVIEW: PLUNDER! How public employee unions are raiding treasuries, controlling our lives, and bankrupting the nation (Book review by A.M. Blazek) – Author Steven Greenhut’s subtitle sums up the mini-education found in this eye-opening book that leaves no union stone unturned: Teachers’, Prison, Police, Clerical and Firemans’, to name a few.

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Dave Kallas is the former head of the Las Vegas police union. He’s also, I’m told, a Republican who is mulling a GOP bid to replace Democrat Rory Reid on the Clark County Commission next year in what is a Democrat-majority district.

A Republican union boss? Call me immediately suspicious. But since it’s the cops union, maybe he’s OK. Especially since I also hear a lot of his colleagues don’t like the guy very much. So maybe he could be a good Republican candidate for the county commission, right?


Just got the latest Harry “The Most Powerful Man in the Senate” Reid’s latest save-my-political-bacon mailer from the Nevada Democrat Party this weekend. On the back page appears the following quote next to a we-can’t-afford-to-lose-Harry-Reid quote from the head of Nevada’s teachers union:

“No one has done more than Senator Reid to deliver the funding that helps Nevada law enforcement keep the public safe. Senator Reid has provided the resources that allow us to protect you.”


Dave Kallas.

Adios, Dave. Don’t call us; we’ll call you.


The John Ensign scandal is like the Eveready Bunny: It just keeps going, and going, and going. POLITICO has yet another update today, including some pearls of wisdom by a certain conservative activist in Nevada whose last name rhymes with “truth.” Catch it HERE


Sam Shad’s guest on today’s Nevada Newsmakers program will be Danny Tarkanian, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate. The program airs on KRNV-TV Channel 4 at 12:30 pm in Reno and on Cox Cable Channel 123 at 4:30 pm and 11:35 pm in Las Vegas.


“If there were a top-tier challenger to Reid, he might be dead already. The only reason he is alive are those 10 – so far – Republicans running against him. . . . Consider that a guy with a usually fatal disapproval rating is only down by 10 percentage points and 5 percentage points to the top GOP contenders – Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian. His numbers probably aren’t moving much either way; theirs are likely to go down.

“…As I have said before, don’t discount Sharron Angle, the relentless ex-assemblywoman. At 13 percent, she is only half of the frontrunners. But the turnout will be small in June and she has a base, albeit not much money. She is the real wild card among the dwarves. As for the others, they are, well, too short to play in this game. Hard to go from 1 percent to competitive unless something dramatic happens.”

Jon Ralston, Flash, 12/4/09


  • December 15: Center-right coalition meeting co-hosted by Citizen Outreach and the Nevada Policy Research Institute at 8:30 am. Invitation only.
  • January 8: First Friday Happy Hour Brewhaha (we know, a week late – need to let people recover from their New Year’s Eve parties!). Visit
  • February 6: Citizen Outreach’s “Reagan Tribute” in Las Vegas. Details to come.
  • March 1-12: Candidate Filing Period
  • March 28: Wrestlemania
  • April 24: Republican State Convention in Las Vegas
  • May 12-13: Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas co-hosted by Citizen Outreach and Americans for Tax Reform. Details to follow.
  • June 8: Primary Election
  • November 2: General Election
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