Fear and Loathing in Copenhagen

For crying out loud!!! Playing on the sympathy of adults because we have to do it for the children don’t ya know. And look! She lost her stuffed polar bear. Excuse me while I vomit… Disgusting and irresponsible. Do these people have no shame? Falsifying data – just making things up whole-cloth to push an agenda where the elite gain more power and money. And they figure humans (especially American humans) are just stooopid enough to fall for it – especially since we cling to our God and guns and we are all just a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks. We obviously don’t know what is best for us or the planet, so these people are going to do the taking care-of for us. Whew!

I prefer this – more festive and happy, you know? (Hat Tip: NewsBusters)

Ya, sure (which is Swedish, not Danish)… And it is Copenhagen with a long ‘a’ asshats – specifically Al Gore. My daughter and son-in-law are Danish. 8)

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