Debating the Public Record

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Last week – as we have been doing for six weeks – our campaign sent out emails entitled “Is it Tarkanian Time in Nevada?” The email’s main feature was an article published in the respected Human Events journal in which their Political Editor assesses Danny Tarkanian’s conservative positions on both fiscal and social issues.

Additionally, the Human Events article details the actions of one of our primary challengers at the 1996 Republican National Convention. Now that same primary challenger has attacked the original newspaper report and today her supporter is attacking Danny Tarkanian’s email because it included the Human Events article that sourced it.

Human Events is a respected conservative journal reporting the facts, and it is not the only publication to source this description of events at the 1996 Republican National Convention. The article was also recently cited by the Clark County Political Buzz Examiner.

This is clearly a direct debate between our opponent and the public record (not Human Events, not Danny Tarkanian – or anybody else for that matter).

If – as they have stated – they believe that the Sun reporter misrepresented the facts, they should defend that charge with specific facts of their own and ask for a correction of the original story. Attacking Danny Tarkanian and the sourcing of publications like Human Events and the Examiner misses the mark.

Brian Seitchik
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