Financial News Update – 12/13/09

Senate OKs $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

Protesting SF State Students Unclear on Concept of ‘Negotiation Demands’

Obama’s America…Pay Raises For Federal Employees, Federally Imposed Pay Caps For Banks

Property rights under six-pronged assault

‘Economic Stimulus’ and the Democrats’ Three-Card-Educational Monte

UPDATE: Democrats plan nearly $2 trillion debt limit hike

‘Welcome to Obamaville’ Sign Marks Colorado Homeless Tent City

IRS hires ‘hundreds’ for new wealth unit

Top Economic Adviser: ‘Recession is Over’; Jobs By Spring (Right and pigs will fly out of their butts any time now…)

U.S. To Pay $3.4 Billion to Settle Native American Suit

Bank firewalls cracked by cyberhackers

Fed Workers Enjoy Boom Time; Average Pay Now at $71K

Regulators shut banks in Florida, Arizona, Kansas

ON THE BRINK: Healthcare reform draws nearer

Loophole would allow coverage limits

U.S. agency sees MORE health spending with reform


100 Ridiculous Projects Funded by the American Recovery Act

How to lose $127 million.

Greece Teeters on Bankruptcy

Federal Budget Deficit for November Hits $120.3 Billion

Geithner Says Treasury Faces Losses from Autos, AIG

Stiglitz Urges “Powell Doctrine” to Fix Jobs Picture

Market Jitters as Spain Joins Dubai on Danger List

Food Stamps Go to a Record 37.2 Americans

Are Your U.S. Treasury Bonds Safe?

Three bank failures take year’s tally to 133

“3Can” mentioned that the IBD had a good discussion of gold related to purchases by central banks.

Freightliner Moving Truck Production to Mexico, Raising Fears of More Layoffs

Australian Lawmaker Warns US Could Default on its Debt Triggering an “Economic Armageddon”

Timebomb for the Euro: Greek Debt Poses a Danger to Common Currency. (The EU’s economic and currency problem almost always start on it periphery.)

Obama Blasts Banks for Opposing Financial Overhaul


Inspiration – Above and Beyond…

One of my closest friends is a quadriplegic. He was a Navy Seal and an inventor. Bill was injured in a freak accident with wild horses while on a brief trip to breed some dogs of his near Las Vegas. Bill is a hero to me and I have worked with him for many years. This type of bravery is just incredible and every time I feel like complaining on how tough I have it, I just think of these guys. They are the REAL heroes…

From Tom Elia – Mark Stephan has been Tom’s friend since he was eight years old. A lifetime of courage and heart. Here’ to you Mark – what a life, what an inspiration…

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