Links to Visit – 12/14/09

“King Obama demands a simple offering of Earth and Water.”

Ace of Spades – Ahmadinejad, Chavez, and Mugabe Will Address Delegates at Copenhagen (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Gateway Pundit – Fistgate VII: Explosive… After Years of Silence Massachusetts Teacher Speaks Out About What She Saw at Fistgate (Audio)

Gateway Pundit – FOX News: Chapter & Perverse? Safe School’s Czar Hit For Promoting Sex-Explicit Books

Gateway Pundit – Media Matters Stands By Jennings & His Organization’s Teen Fisting Conference

American Digest – December 31, 2010: Defused Lethal Poem Released by Government. “Safe but Still Sucks” says President (Hat Tip: Larwyn)


Atlas Shrugs – Five American Muslims Arrested in Pakistan Were Planning “Big Attack”

The Anchoress – Who do you trust?

WorldNetDaily – ‘Witch hunt’ expected under new U.S. ‘hate crimes’ law

Gateway Pundit – Protesters Greet Attorney General Eric Holder at Long Island Speech

Gates of Vienna – Keep Our People Safe(r) at Home (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Ace of Spades – Obama: I’m so awesome, I’ll just grade myself. Hey look, I got a B+ (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Michelle Malkin – New Yorkers won’t let Eric Holder forget; Plus: Supreme Court rejects ex-Gitmo detainees’ torture suit

Gateway Pundit – North Korea Caught Smuggling Weapons Again

Gateway Pundit – Meltdown in Copenhagen — Climate Talks Suspended

Gateway Pundit – UN-backed Troops Accused of Killing & Raping Civilians

Gateway Pundit – Ruh-Roh… Blago’s Lawyers Want FBI to Give Up Details on Obama, Rahmbo and Jarret Interviews

Weekly Standard – Obama’s Ambassador to El Salvador ‘Cohabitated’ With Cuban Spy

The Washington Times – Dems may lose Senate seats once held by Obama, Biden

Times Online – Secret document exposes Iran’s nuclear trigger

Big Hollywood – The Increasingly Left ‘Law and Order’

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