Financial News Update – 12/15/09

Citigroup to Repay TARP But Still on Government Dole

Senate Democrats move to cut Medicare buy-in

Harry Reid’s Ticking Entitlement Time-Bomb

House Democrats discard larger debt limit

ACORN’s ‘constitutional right’ to your money?

The Three Senators Who Could Save You From Government-Run Health Care

Live From Copenhagen: The Full Story Behind the G-77 Walk-Out

Putting Party and Vanity Above Country

Obamacare Is The Public Option

Morning Bell: They Can’t Even Run A Conference, Let Alone the Global Economy

Live From Copenhagen: A Matter of Sovereignty

Code Red Rally in D.C. today; Update: What will Nelson’s payoff be?; MoveOn to hold counter-protest; Lieberman: “We’re heading in the right direction;” Coburn: “This bill must be stopped!”

Baltimore: Our city sucks and it’s all Wells Fargo’s fault

Here comes Cash for Caulkers (again!); Update: Obama: “Insulation is sexy”

CODE RED RALLY at Claire McCaskill’s St. Louis Office

Change!… 20 States Cut Mammograms After Government Report Released

Collection of doctors’ prescription records: Ban not in bill


Lieberman indicates support for health bill

Schwarzenegger: Congress Must Rethink Health Care Legislation

Producer Prices Rise on Energy Prices

EMAC: Should Wells Fargo Pay Back TARP?


Democrats plan nearly $2 trillion debt limit hike

Cleaning up after real estate debacle

Greece ‘faces sinking under debt’

Bankruptcy of US Now Certain

Gold and the Last Real American Dollar

Hedge Against Hyperinflation, Hard Assets Should Continue to Appreciate During 2010

Marty Weiss: Stock Market, Gold, Commodities, and Economic Forecasts for 2010

Darryl Schoon: Deflationary Economic Depression 2010, Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

Foreign Demand for US Long-Term Assets Slows

Greece Defies Europe as EMU Crisis Turns Deadly Serious

NS&I withdraws all its fixed-rate savings bonds

The new underground economy and the avoidance of bank accounts.

D-Day nears for Dubai’s $3.5 billion debt hurdle

Peak oil: Problems and possibilities

World Stocks Up on $10 Billion Dubai Rescue

Citigroup to Repay $20 Billion in Bailout Money

Oil Near $69 as OPEC Signals No Output Cut

US Recession “Not Over Until Job Rates Rise”

White House Economist Sees Jobs Growth By Spring. JWR Adds: They “Visualize World Peace”, too.

Federal Reserve Likely to Repeat Low-Rate Pledge “We’re still a long, long way from normal.”

The Future of Gold, The Dollar, and More

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