It Must Suck to Be a Climavangelist

Hat Tip: Doug Giles – Big Hollywood (My long-time hero… )

Wouldn’t you hate to be a Climavangelist? What are the global warming grunts going to do now that the Apostles of the Holy Church of Climatology have been busted for cooking the “truth” (I believe the exact word they used was “tricking” us) so that we the sheeple would step-n-fetch to their Chicken Little crap?

2 thoughts on “It Must Suck to Be a Climavangelist

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  2. I have never seen Doug Giles before (that I can remember).. I laughed a lot during this video. A few of the things he said were too much for my range of humor but overall it was great. I’m gonna have to check out more of his stuff.. and those books!

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