Angle Responds to Reid’s Job-Market Happiness

Says Reid’s grasp disappearing faster than jobs

Reno, NV – Sharron Angle (R-NV) said she was taken aback by Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) opening remark concerning Nevada’s latest unemployment figures which listed a lessening of six-tenths of a percent to 12.3 percent, one of the highest in the nation. “I’m very happy that the unemployment rate has dropped the way it has,” Reid began on a video posted yesterday to his official senatorial website.[1] Angle, upon listening to Reid’s initial comment, said Reid was losing his grasp more rapidly than the jobs that continued to disappear during November. “The reason for the write-off in the unemployment rate is due to job-seekers who gave up or left the state in droves,”[2] said Angle in response to Reid’s commencing video statement. “Ghost Town Harry might be happy about the exodus, but Nevadans are livid over the reality that our state lost more than 9,000 jobs last month.”

Angle, a conservative former state legislator who leads over Reid by 4 percentage points in the latest Rasmussen poll,[3] said the Majority Leader has proven he lacks the vision to properly lead during a time of crises. “Harry Reid can daydream about green jobs until he turns blue, but the only green the jobless want to see right now is the green that is needed to pay for failing mortgages and other necessities. There are currently 160,000 Nevadans seeking these imaginary jobs ‘saved or created’ by Harry Reid who can no longer survive on a politician’s failed promise of ‘hope.’ Last month Senator Reid was so busy being self-absorbed about his claimed role in bullying banks to lend money to City Center that he forgot to notice that another 5,700 Nevada jobs quickly disappeared from the leisure & hospitality industry.”

Angle said that while Nevadans were exiting the state, the Majority Leader was busy leading the whole country over a cliff with his runaway federal government spending programs, and added that the time to reinstate fiscal firmness needed to come sooner than later. “America cannot afford any more of this monetary purgatory under Harry Reid’s failed economic policies. To begin restoring America’s economy we need to start by renewing consumer & business confidence, first by shutting down these reckless deficit-spending stimulus programs and returning all remaining funds to be used for national debt reduction. Americans know that the country will survive better without the overextended government interference. Americans were promised ‘change’ from this current administration, only to get shortchange instead.”




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