Financial News Update – 12/22/09

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Obamacare Will Save Me a TON of Money!

America’s Inexorable March toward a Monetary and Inflationary Abyss

It couldn’t be more clear…

Morning Bell: The Six Key Issues the House Must Cave On Before Obamacare Becomes Law

Michigan And Nebraska: The Senate Leadership Has Got A Deal For You!

Young, Invincible, and Now Forced to Shell-Out for Health Care

Why is the AMA Supporting a 20% Pay Cut for Their Members?

Solar Shutdown: Feinstein to Block Energy Projects

Euro in Trouble as Big Economies Falter

Jim DeMint to Force a Vote on Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate

BREAKING: Mitch McConnell Surrenders

Democrats Face Challenge in Merging Health Bills

Forcing a vote on Demcare’s constitutionality

Harry Reid’s Bill Says Parts Of It Cannot Be Repealed (Video)

Oh My… Barack Obama’s Approval Index Plunges After Health Care Rammed Through Senate

Health Secretary Sebelius Praises Mandatory Abortion Funding In Dem’s Nationalized Health Care Bill (Video)

Ford Offers Buyouts to All UAW Workers

“Keep Your Stinkin Gift” Christmas Protest at Claire McCaskill’s Office- Wednesday at Noon

ZOGBY: 84% Say Congress Drafts Long Bills to Hide Spending Deals, Prevent People from Understanding What’s In Them…

Chicago Shuts Down To Save Cash

Carbon prices plunge in wake of ‘disappointing’ Copenhagen summit

Banks with ‘political ties got bailouts’

Recovery not as strong as previously thought

Conn. Dept of Labor servers overloaded with unemployment claims

Small-business bankruptcies rise 81% in California


Fund Boss Made $7 Billion in the Panic

If It’s Law, Will It Be Legal?

Third Quarter Growth Marred by GDP Slowdown


Wall Street on the Tundra

Flagler County, Florida, had the state’s highest jobless rate: 16.8 percent

Federal Salaries Targeted As Private Sector Pay Stagnates

Skies Darken For Bernanke Nomination

Luxury Retailers Look To State Christmas Comeback

What People Are Splurging On

Tech Stocks Pull Market Out Of 3-Day Slide

7 US Banks Seized, 2009 Total Now 140

66% Americans Not Confident Their Children’s Lives Will Be Better

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