Financial News Update – 12/28/09

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Drunk-Debating Health-Care Reform? (Or … The Shyshtem Worksh!)

Pimco Guru: 10 Percent Stock Drop Ahead

10 Lumps of Coal in the Health Care Bill

The Health Care Fight is Not Over

Lib Reporter Says Protesters Were Asking For It When the Media Labeled Them “Teabaggers”

Of Course. Obama White House Now Say They Prefer the Health Care Bill That Funds Abortion

Why the Tea-Party Movement Matters: ObamaCare Edition

House backers of public insurance option may yield

Oil jumps above $79

Pawlenty Pushes Spending Caps


Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon

An Introspective Look at the Future of America Craig Harris

Real Homes of Genius: Culver City Housing Bubble. Housing Shadow Inventory in Action. Countrywide Bank Owned home versus Duplex on Same Block. Foreclosure Holiday.

Geithner: Tight Lending Threatens US Recovery

Global Food Crisis 2010 Means Financial Armageddon

Bob Chapman: The Credit Crisis is Not Over

Global Markets Face Rising Risk of a 2010 Double-Dip Recession

Fragile U.S. Economy Under Increasing Stress From Escalating Afghanistan War

US Dollar Breakout Means Gold Has Further to Fall

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