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Bob McCarty Writes – White House Press Corps Emits Sucking Sound

Bob McCarty Writes – Listen to WBAL-AM’s Shari Elliker Wednesday

Bob McCarty Writes – Getting to the Bottom of the Keith Gladney Firing

Bob McCarty Writes – Bomber Not Part of Larger Plot, Just Al-Qaeda?

Bob McCarty Writes – Homeland Security’s Napolitano: ‘System Worked’

Atlas Shrugs – Ball Bomber’s Blast Briefs

Atlas Shrugs – Former GITMO Jihadis Behind Northwest Flight Bombing

Atlas Shrugs – Imposing Sharia In America: Somali Muslims “out for blood” at Minnesota high school

Atlas Shrugs – Cyber-security chief resigns in protest: calls consolidation of power in National Security Agency ‘bad strategy’, “unwise to hand over the security of all government networks to a single org”

Atlas Shrugs – Move along, folks, nothing to see ……… Knucklehead Napolitano Has Got Your Back

Atlas Shrugs – Pamela Geller, Newsmax: Vile Christmas Ornaments Displayed at White House

Atlas Shrugs – Day 188 Iran Revolution: “Listen, beat and tear them apart, break their legs, god would like that” “There are 8 to 10 old ladies there, beat them up and clean them up”
UPDATED: Video Basij Shoot Protester Dead. GRAPHIC

Atlas Shrugs – First time Ever: Israel Calls Home All Ambassadors

Atlas Shrugs – New York to California: Jew haters Take to the Streets

The Phyllis Chesler Organization – The Lonely, Murderous Sons of Allah: A Psycho-analytic View

WorldNetDaily – Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S.

Steve Emerson – Family Security Matters – Rash of 2009 Homegrown Terror Plots Ends ‘Denial’

Daniel Pipes – Family Security Matters – The System ‘Worked Really Very, Very Smoothly’ in Detroit?

Frank Gaffney, Jr. – Family Security Matters – Homeland Security 101

The Strata-Sphere – Bureaucrats Running For Cover Over Flight 253


Friends of Mark Fuhrman – Lying to ourselves – Blindness to Islam ties helps terrorists by Ralph Peters

Impeach Obama – Does the left want to Impeach Obama too?


The Radio Patriot – Yello, yello? Anybody listening? America? Or: Where are the Republicans?

Gateway Pundit – Only 17% of Nebraskans Approve of Bribes Nelson Took From Harry Reid For Obamacare Vote

Gateway Pundit – Evil Khamenei Regime Thugs in Trucks Run Over Protesters in the Street (Video)

Gateway Pundit – This Year’s Worst Reporting: A Look Back at State-Run Media’s Most Embarrassing Moments (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Change! Iranian Speaker Blasts Obama For Interfering in Iranian Affairs

Gateway Pundit – Obama’s Alleged Remarks On Alleged Undie Bomber Suspect Creates Inevitable Disaster

Gateway Pundit – Published Document States Khamenei Is Planning to Escape to Russia

Gateway Pundit – First Family to America: Everyone Must Sacrifice, Everyone Must Have Some Skin in the Game… We’ll Be In Hawaii

Gateway Pundit – Former Gitmo Detainees Lead Yemeni Al-Qaeda Group Linked to Detroit Bomber

Michelle Malkin – Poor Obama: Being president is exhausting

Michelle Malkin – The crackdown in Iran

Times Online – Yemen minister: We have 300 al Qaeda militants planning attacks

Breitbart – VIDEO: Dem Congresswoman Demands New ‘Behavioral’ Surveillance System

Washington Times – Plan to turn farms into forest worries official

Washington Examiner – PAPER: Sen. Dodd slashed aviation security funding for pet constituency

McClatchy – U.S. intelligence: ‘Time is running out’ in Afghanistan

CBS News – Putin urges Obama to share missile defense data

CNN – Aug ’09 – Suicide bomber from Yemen conceals explosives sewn into underwear

NY Post – NY Gov. Paterson has more cops guarding entourage than most towns in state

Reuters – Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon, draw army fire

Fox News – Radical Imam Tied to Terror Plots Has Gone ‘Operational’ in Yemen

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