Texas Tech Fires Mike Leach, PR Battle Ensues

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By: Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty Writes

Texas Tech University’s firing of head football coach Mike Leach has launched what I predict will be a heated public relations battle involving YouTube videos and aggressive personal injury lawyers.

Within hours of news breaking about Leach’s firing, a 16-second video (below) which purports to show the electrical closet where receiver Adam James, son of ESPN sportscaster and former NFL running back Craig James, was confined for hours after suffering a concussion during practice was uploaded to YouTube.

The video was posted by family friend and public relations consultant Rebecca Shaw of Dallas-based Spaeth Communications at about the same time as a news release touting the video was issued via PRNewswire. The release included the statement below:

This video was taken by Adam James, a player on the Texas Tech Red Raider football team on Saturday, December 19th, after being confined by Coach Mike Leach in an electrical closet off the Press Room at Jones AT&T Stadium. James was suffering from a concussion received during an earlier scrimmage game. James was ordered to stand in the darkness until released several hours later. James momentarily turned on a light to record his surroundings with his cell phone.

I contacted Shaw by phone this morning to confirm her relationship with the James family and ask if they expect litigation to follow.

“They don’t have any idea what to expect,” Shaw said, careful not to rule anything out amidst a circus of media attention given to the case.

Shaw is wise for not ruling anything out. If the advertisement at right is any indication, Leach’s attorney Ted Liggett appears to be the aggressive type.

According to a post published last night at SBNation, a sports-focused fan site, Mike Leach’s Attorney Has An AGGRESSIVE Personal Injury Advertisement.


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