Let Them Eat Brie!

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From: Mitchell Langert’s Blog (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Explanation of the State of the Union Address:

The above is the cover of this week’s Globe Magazine. According to the Globe’s website:

“President Barack Obama has blown $10 million on drunken White House parties, Washington insiders tell GLOBE. This week’s Special Report rips the lid off the Commander-in-chief’s outrageous antics, including boozy conga lines and dinners featuring $150-a-pound Japanese beef! It’s must reading for every American.”

And from Gateway Pundit: After Obama Tells America “Everyone Must Sacrifice” the White House Throws 1 Party Every 3 Days in First Year

What an elitest toad… Telling the American public, “Let Them Eat Brie!” while Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid live and party like royalty. Because the havoc they are sowing couldn’t possibly touch them, don’t cha know… People are losing their homes, their livelihoods and their dreams while these asshats live it up. Disgusting. I feel a French Revolution coming on…

Liberals are elitist windbags who must never be taken seriously, and should only be used for entertainment purposes. — Ted Nugent

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