Financial News Update – 02/01/10

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Five years, $5.08 trillion in debt

Morning Bell: The Obama Budget: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending and More Debt

Subsidizing the Golden and Sunshine States

Obama’s Energy Budget: A Revenue Neutral Cap and Trade System?

With Head Start Failing, White House Proposes $9.3 billion for New Preschool Program

TARP Inspector General: Same Road, Faster Car

The Obama Five-Year Defense Budget Plan Is Worse Than a Freeze

Senator John Kerry on Useless Federal Fire Act Grants

Video: What Does The Federal Budget Freeze Look Like?

Rapidly Melting Credibility

Bove: Market Will Crash If Obama Bank Plan Becomes Law

Cramer: Obama Forcing U.S. Investors Overseas

Swiss warn UBS bank could collapse

Obama budget: Record spending, record deficit

Plan Would Raise Tax Rates on Wealthy

TOP DEM ARGUES: ‘We’ve got to spend our way out of this recession’

War spending slightly less than last two years of Bush

Debt Past Point of No Return


The Money Market Managers Unleashed–An End to the Road to Redemption

Price Tags are Merely Suggestions: Haggling is Back

Bailout Cop: U.S. May Face Another Financial Crisis

Bailouts created more risk in the system

UK claims it will end debt monetization this week

Roubini: Greece is Bankrupt

Greek Crisis Shows Euro is Too Big to Fail

Soros Warns Gold is Now the “Ultimate Bubble”

Are You Ready for the Coming Obama Retirement Trap?

Truckin’ for God and Country (more from The Day The Dollar Died series)

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