Financial News Update – 02/05/10

Job losses from Great Recession about to get worse

Markets suffer losses after US jobs report

Obama to get deficit commission with or without Republican help, Hoyer says

With suspicious statistics, China obscures economy

Faber: S&P May Drop 20 Percent From 15 Month High

Morning Bell: Second Stimulus, Same as the First

Budget 2011: Freezing Opportunity – New Budget Means the End of School Choice for Many

Past Deficits vs. Obama’s Deficits in Pictures

Is US bullying TOYOTA on recall to help GOVERNMENT MOTORS?

Obama admits health care overhaul may die on Hill


FLASHBACK: Pelosi: Where Are the Jobs, Mr. President?

Senator blocks all Obama nominees amid tanker feud

China to levy duties on US chicken; Rising trade and currency tensions

Doubt cast on survival of EMI

BRITISH AIRWAYS heads for record loss

Obama: ‘We’re Climbing Out’

The Real Story Behind Our Unemployment Numbers

House Poised to Crack Down on Health Insurers


Revelations of hidden Greek debt “last straw”.

EU toughens demands on Greece

It’s Official: California Housing Production Reached New Low in 2009. Down 83% from the 2004 peak!

We Are Headed For A Fiscal Stroke.

U.S. May Lose 824,000 Jobs as Employment Data Revised

False Hope in Financial Free Lunch (The Mogambo Guru)

Jim Rogers: Federal Reserve is Worsening the Depression

The Subtle Nationalization of the Banks and Housing Market

Homeowners May Still Owe Even After Foreclosure

Data on Service Sector Show a Struggling Recovery

Gasoline Rises After Unexpected Supply Drop

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