Financial News Update – 02/14/10

Schools face big budget holes as ‘stimulus’ runs out

Spanish intelligence probing debt ‘attacks’

Failure of Health Care Overhaul May Add More Woes


California Teachers Pension Fund $42.6 Billion Short

Commercial Real Estate’s Coming $1.4 Trillion Crisis

1 in 5 U.S. homeowners underwater

Inflation: Ignoring Doesn’t Make It Go Away (The Mogambo Guru)

Chapter XVI: When Shopping Is A Pleasure (The latest in The Day The Dollar Died series)

Globalization is Killing the Globe: Return to Local Economies

FEAR Davos 2010, Into the Bomb Shelter

Why Silver Price Will Boom to $50/Oz.

Bernanke Says Discount Rate May Rise “Before Long”

Trade Gap Unexpectedly Rises on Imports

How A New Jobless Era Will Transform America This raises interesting questions: What do all the jobless people do to survive now? What happens when the unemployment runs out? Will government increase welfare, which will raise taxes even more?

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