Financial News Update – 02/18/10

Obama Names 2 D.C. Old-Timers to Chop Deficit

Despite Big Agency Spending Increases, Treasury Reports YTD Reduction in ‘Outlays’; AP’s Crutsinger Not Curious

Class Warfare’s Next Target: 401(k) Savings (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Obama Concedes: Recovery Weak Despite Massive Federal Spending

Moody’s Issues Negative Outlook for LA Finances

Japan Could Be Next to Dump U.S. Debt

HHS Warns of Double-Digit Health Cost Spike

SC Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Federal Currency

Financial Noose Continues to Tighten Around Greece

Warren: Sour Real Estate Loans May Sink Banks

Drowning in Debt: What the Nation’s Budget Woes Mean for You

Fantasy jobs

States’ pension plan funds fell $1 trillion short in 2008

One Week After Passing, Congress Set to Break PAYGO

Reconciliation and Obamacare A “Bad Mix”

The Uncertainty Factor

Video: Reps. Cantor, Capito, Garrett and Rooney

The New Party of “No”

Greeks lash out at Germany over debt crisis

Oversight committee releases new report on ACORN and SEIU funding

Groups achieve political ends through pattern of threatening banks and state officials’ offices with litigation…

Jobless claims rise

16.8% annual?

‘Stimulus’ Weatherization Program Bogged Down by Red Tape

$57,362 a house?

Dems May Not Have Health Proposal Before Summit With Obama

Vice President Calls for More Nuke Spending

White House: Dems Near Accord on Health Care

Lawmakers Stunned Over Reid’s Substitute Jobs Bill


Buying silver, buying silver bullion for survival purposes.

Lone voice warns of debt threat to Fed.

Eight Reasons for Investors to Worry

Entitlements Threaten to Crush US Under Debt

Federal Reserve Begins Withdrawal of $2.2 Trillion from US Economy

US Government Paying Banks Thousands to Foreclose on Americans

Mortgage Rates Poised to Jump as Fed Cuts Funds

Silver Price Trends Show Signs of a Bottom

No Sharing Allowed (The Day The Dollar Died Series–Chapter XIX)

Kiss That V-shaped Recovery Good-bye; The US “Worse Than Greece” Says Economist

Stocks Rise on Upbeat Earnings, Economic Reports

Data on Industry Output, Home Building Boost Hopes

Health Insurer Humana Plans to Cut 2,500 Positions

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