2 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Change Now???

  1. Who is coming for you? Be specific. How are my 1st and 2nd amendment rights uder threat? Be specific. What Communism are you referring to? Back up your stupid accusations and name calling, or shut up.

    I like the “change” so far. We no longer have Bush/Cheney in charge.

  2. Briggem you are a fool–Barack Hussein Obama has brought the change of ruin upon The United States and upon the American people! Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder and others in his administration have repeatedly stated they want to greatly infringe the first and second amendment rights of the American people–to take away their guns! Here is one specific point [of many] of Barack Obama’s communist ideology–Cap and Trade! Its time you wised up Briggem–back up your position with facts–or you shut up.

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