Anti-American radicals upheld as ‘role models for citizenship’

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From: WorldNetDaily
Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

The Dumbing Down of America Series

A book for high-school students glorifies communists, socialists and at least one activist who has called for “resistance” against the U.S. government, WND has learned.

The work, “Americans Who Tell the Truth,” has been used in schools across the U.S., according to its author. The book, however, does not inform readers of the extremist backgrounds of the personalities upheld as heroes.

Robert Shatterly, creator of the book project, told WND the work features portraits and brief descriptions of dozens of personalities who are “role models for citizenship in the attempt to win democracy.”

Shatterly said his book, and a related traveling art exhibit featuring the same personalities, have been featured in many U.S. schools. He also posted an online curriculum for educators to teach American history through the lives of the personalities in his book.

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