Financial News Update – 02/19/10

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“Crisis of Confidence”: Yes, Risks of U.S. Default Are Very Real, Charles Ortel Says (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Obama Writing Health Bill to Skirt GOP Filibuster (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

China’s Fading Interest in U.S. Bonds Fuels Jitters

Morning Bell: A No-Cost Stimulus That Can Create Real Jobs for the American People

Health Care Nuclear Option – Liberals Ready to Launch

Obamacare Bends the Cost Curve Up: Here Is How to Bend It Down

Obama to get specific on healthcare legislation

New underground economy (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Economic Elite Have Engineered an Extraordinary Coup, Threatening the Very Existence of the Middle Class (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Food Stamps Create Jobs… in India (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Revolt! Robbed of their right to buy traditional light bulbs, millions are clearing shelves of last supplies (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fed Raises Discount Rate to 0.75% From 0.50% (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Jitters over China’s waning taste for T-bills (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

White House: Dems near accord on health care bill (Hat Tip: Brian B.)


Fuel shortage hits Greece as strikes grow

Frustrated Owner Bulldozes Home Ahead Of Foreclosure

Texas man angry with IRS crashes plane into office

Obama Steps in to Help Homeowners — and Reid?

Shively on Medicare Advantage Spike

Obama, Dalai Lama Meeting Has China Fuming


Stock A Safe Haven With Food And Firearms To Protect Against Doomsday Pillagers

January wholesale prices jump 1.4 percent. Justin notes: “That equates to a 16.8% annual wholesale price inflation rate!”

Fed bumps up rate banks pay for emergency loans.

National Debt, Budget Deficit Scary Forecast for Taxpayers: Obama to Sign Fiscal Reform, Economists Predict Cutbacks, Tax Increases

Foreigners cut Treasury stakes; rates could rise

US Looks to Reluctant Foreign Investors to Help Fund the Housing Market

Chimerica’s Monetary Management: China Has a Plan, US Doesn’t

China Sells $34.2 Billion of US Treasury Bonds

German Economic Expectations Deteriorate

US States with High Jobless Rates Outsource Food Stamp Services Jobs…To India!

Sacramento, California: Region’s Shuttered Stores Tell a Thousand Stories

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