Links To Visit – 02/24/10

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Bob McCarty Writes – Flight 93 Memorial Design Should Spark More Outrage Than New Missile Defense Agency Logo

Bookworm Room – Yet another New York Times columnist proves that he is an idiot

YouTube – Glenn Beck Show – February 22, 2010 – Pt 1 of 7 (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The New Editor – ‘Sign’ of the Times?

Bob McCarty Writes – Explosives Theft Qualifies As Near-Miss for USA

The Washington Post – ‘God gap’ impedes U.S. foreign policy, task force says (Hat Tip: The Anchoress)

Brutally Honest – Are our targeters on the ground being wilfully duped? (UPDATED)

WND – Planned Parenthood hides child sex abuse – 10 times!

The Radio Patriot – O Iconography

The Radio Patriot – The Optimistic Conservative Helps Us Understand

The Radio Patriot – Bill O’Blowhard, the Ultimate Authority on Everything

The Radio Patriot – Now McCain brings it up? Now???

The Radio Patriot – Mark Levin Post Reax

Hot Air – Petraeus for president: Are you sure you mean that? (Hat Tip: Mudville Gazette)

Fox News – Pelosi Reasserts Claims On CIA Interrogation Techniques (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Rush Limbaugh – What I Would’ve Said at CPAC (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Google – ‘My heart, my choice,’ Williams says, defending decision for U.S. heart surgery (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

CFP – Making Vitamins Too Costly for Your Health (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fox News – Ex-Obama Czar Van Jones Returns to the Spotlight

Fox News – All Teachers Fired at Underperforming R.I. School

Hot Air – Beck and the legacy (Hat Tip: Pierre Legrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar)

Chuck Norris – Happy 1st Birthday, Tea Party Movement! (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Will Bloom box replace power grid? Details on Wednesday (w/ Video) (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Big Government – ACORN Crime Family Shutting Down Nationwide: Launching Renaming Effort (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Rasmussen Reports – Congressional Performance (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Yahoo! News – Russia won’t back ‘crippling’ Iran sanctions

Dallas News – More than half of Texas Hispanics now identify as ‘conservative’

The Radio Patriot – Attention! General Aviation Enthusiasts

Bob McCarty Writes – Blog Climbs 17 Spots Among Conservative Top 100

Bob McCarty Writes – ‘33 Minutes’ Screening Saturday

Bob McCarty Writes – Senator Inhofe Appears on Mancow Radio Show

Bob McCarty Writes – Obama Administration Harboring Enemy Within

Big Government – You’re Invited…to Help Scrub ACORN’s Image (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Business and Media Institute – Mark Levin: Obama ‘Biggest Disaster in Modern American History’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Washington Times – LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Obama’s war on America (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Michelle Malkin – Corruptocrat Eric Holder’s national security cover-up

Michelle Malkin – Lights! Cameras! Health care Oba-kabuki!; Update: WH excludes governors, state legislators

Michelle Malkin – Re-branding the government: Obama, TMP, and logo-mania

Michelle Malkin – A failure of GOP imagination

Michelle Malkin – Report: White House offered GOP ex-Sen. Martinez a Stimulus Sunshine Sweetener

Michelle Malkin – Well wishes for Vice President Dick Cheney

Michelle Malkin – The old “coconut” smear: Another white liberal bigmouth with race issues

creative loafing – Atlanta Progressive News fires reporter for trying to be objective (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Logistics Monster – Obama Edges Closer To Dictatorship With More Executive Orders (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

London Evening Standard – Britons ‘could be microchipped like dogs in a decade’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The New Editor – Hopelessly, Utterly Clueless

CNN Politics – NAACP Image Award to be given to former White House ‘green czar’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Hill – Ex-Intel chief: U.S. would lose cyber war (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WND – Obama’s top aide: Need ‘simple booklet’ to educate tea partiers (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Family Security Matters – Global Terrorist Gives Terror Warning to America

Family Security Matters – As Uprising in Iran Continues, the Siege on PMOI Members in Iraq’s Camp Ashraf Intensifies

Family Security Matters – Zazi: Genome of the Homegrown Jihadist

Dave Laird – Rocketsbrain takes a brick… (Hat Tip: Friends of Mark Fuhrman)

Atlas Shrugs – NEW YORK: UN Celebrates Anniversary of the “Victory” of the Bone Crushing Iranian Revolution …. with Anthrax

Atlas Shrugs – Iran: Ahmadinejad aims for ‘global Islamic revolution’

Atlas Shrugs – The Anti-Conservative’s CPAC

Atlas Shrugs – Smuggling Jihadis

Atals Shrugs – Holder Stacks Justice Department with Jihadists’ Lawyer

Gateway Pundit – WaPo Blog Lumps Black Conservatives With Mass Murdering Dictators

Gateway Pundit – Obama & Dems in 2005: Nuclear Option’ Is ‘Arrogant’ Power Grab Against the Founders’ Intent (Video)

Gateway Pundit – John Yoo & Jay Bybee Deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom Not Presidential Disdain

Gateway Pundit – Figures. Reuters Covers For Pelosi– Ignores That Speaker Caught Lying About CIA “Torture Briefings”

Gateway Pundit – NAACP to Honor “American Treasure” Commie Van Jones With Image Award (Video)

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