First They Came for the Fish, Then They Stayed for the Food…

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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Russian Collective Farming

Yesterday and today, I posted two items on the Obama Administration and the EPA preparing to ban sport fishing in the US:

No Fishing Allowed

United We Fish

Now, they are getting ready to nationalize the farming industry:

Federal regulators launch probe of big agriculture

So they are getting ready to “level the playing field” regarding farming and food:

ST. LOUIS – Some Obama administration officials have made clear their unease with the increasing control a handful of corporations have over the nation’s food supply, and this week in Iowa they could show whether they are serious about changing the system.

America, when will it be one ‘seizure too far’ that will push us collectively into serious action as a nation? If the government controls the food, they can starve us out… Do you realize that every totalitarian regime throughout history has seized the farms? If you control the food, you control the people…

It is at the heart of Chinese Communist Ideology:

Josef Stalin, who took power, began the first of many Five Year Plans in 1928. Peasants were forced onto collective farms. The central government directed all agriculture and industry. Stalin emphasized heavy industry like steel. Virtually all property became owned by the government. Moscow determined what products factories would produce and what prices they would charge. Moscow directed all aspects of society – education, hospitals, families, etc. Religion was suppressed, and churches destroyed. Western critics later labeled it totalitarianism because government control aimed to be total.

Gee, this couldn’t have anything to do with unions, right? Bet on it…

You know what my recipe for a revolt or civil uprising is? Lack of food and employment… Violence and desperation will not be far behind. A parent will go hungry, but they won’t let their children go hungry – they will protect and provide for them no matter the cost. This is one more brick in the wall pushing us towards social upheaval so the government has an excuse to come down on us and change our government permanently as well as transforming all we believe in. I am certain that somewhere in this utter violation of the Constitution and our freedoms is the trademark ‘nudging’ of Cass Sunstein.

Did you know that Zimbabwe and Venezuela have both seized the farms in their respective countries? In the immortal words of my friend Tom Elia at The New Editor: This ought to end well…”


Should our Government control our food supply?

Here’s information on bills that our Government introduced in 2009 (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques):

HR 759, introduced by John Dingell (D-MI) on Jan 28, 2009 [Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act of 2009]; in committee. This bill has 41 co-sponsors and all are Democrats.

HR 814, introduced by Diana DeGette (D-CO) on Feb 3, 2009 [TRACE Act of 2009]; in committee. This bill has 5 co-sponsors and all are Democrats.

HR 875, introduced by Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) on Feb 4, 2009 [Food Safety Modernization Act]; in committee. This bill has 41 co-sponsors and all are Democrats.

S 425, introduced by Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on Feb 12, 2009 [Food Safety & Tracking Improvement Act]; in committee. This bill has no co-sponsors.

HR 1332, introduced by Jim Costa (D-CA) on Mar 5, 2009 [Safe FEAST Act of 2009]; in committee. This bill has 30 co-sponsors – 18 Democrats and 12 Republicans.

S 510, introduced by Richard Durbin (D-IL) on Mar 3, 2009 [FDA Food Safety Modernization Act]; on Senate Calendar. This bill has 15 co-sponsors – 8 Democrats and 7 Republicans.

2 thoughts on “First They Came for the Fish, Then They Stayed for the Food…

  1. It is probably fair to say that the ag business has become dominated by a few very large companies, and that this concentration IS a matter for concern. All you have to do is read the local farmers’ newspapers in Ohio, as I do. But the “solution” these professional bureaucrats will choose will be to invoke Government “controls”. A cure that will be far, far worse than the disease, since the big corps will simply co-opt the regulators, even more than they have already. Correct action would be to invoke anti-trust laws, breaking down these monsters, and restoring competition.

  2. Congress has had their thumb on the scales of agri-business for decades, paying farmers *not* to grow crops, resulting in artificially elevated produce prices.

    Congress created the environment in which the “monsters” thrive.

    And the whole time they’ve been actively suppressing food production, they’ve been complaining about the widespread shortage of food.

    Clowns. Lying, self-serving, power-grabbing clowns.

    ~~ A.G.

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