One thought on “Bill Kristol Predicts That Health Care Reform Will Be Repealed in 2013

  1. An outrage and a disgrace…exactly what I’ve come to expect from the politicians in this country. I am disgusted at their antics. And none of them will be required to participate in their health care reform, just as they do not participate in Social Security. When will we wake up in this country to the “entitlement” mindset that these politicians have…all at the public trough? All the while, we work hard 50 or more years of our lives, then when we can no longer work, or we might be able to retire, we hardly have the means to make it worthwhile. But the pigs who’ve fed at the trough are fat and happy until they die. I can only trust that they’ll get their just rewards elsewhere along the road of life or in the hereafter. This is NOT the United States of America founded by our forefathers and mothers (of whom I count myself as a direct descendant of Elizabeth Henry, Patrick’s sister), whose sacrifices have been diminished by the gluttony of the politicians. I have little hope of change in the here and now, but as my great-great-great-great-great Uncle Patrick said, “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death.” I will continue the fight.

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