Financial News Update – 03/24/10

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Shock & Awe – Obamacare Style!

Texas Is 39th State to Defend Health Care Choice (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Costs of this debacle will be high

Finance reform fate still murky

Health reform reactions: Some Dems to oppose bill letting Tenn. ignore mandate (Need help now!) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Jobs Bill Actually Expands the Welfare State

Paul Krugman Correction of the Day

Public Pension Fraud Increases, On Top Of ObamaCare Fraudulent Accounting (Hat Tip: Steve Schippert)

Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records (Update5) (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

States Challenge Health Bill Saying Medicaid Expansion Will Bust Budgets

Law Signals US Empire Decline?


Sales of New Homes Drop to Lowest on Record

Portugal Downgraded to AA- by FITCH on Concern Over Mounting Debt

Greece Will Default ‘at Some Point’

Bloomberg Projects Worst NYC Job Cuts In Decades; As Many As 19,000 Could Face Ax

Cash-Strapped State Finds Support For Four-Day School Week

On the Tab: Food, Drinks & Health Care

Critics: Health Reform Will Hurt Small Businesses

Banks on Verge of Losing Student Lending Business


Underemployment Hits 20% in Mid-March

H.H. spotted this: North Korean finance chief executed for botched currency reform.

Japan Joins China in Reducing Holdings of US Treasury Debt

Bonds Reveal US Losing AAA Status

IMF Warning Wealthiest Nations About Their Debt

$3/Gallon Gasoline Possible this Summer

Bernanke: Bank Bailouts “Unconscionable”

Job Loss Takes a Toll on Mental Health

Poll: Most Americans Fear U.S. Economy Could Collapse

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