Links To Visit – 03/25/10

Riehl World View – And Then They Came For The Media

The New Editor – Josh Marshall Embarrasses Himself

Bookworm Room – Finding comfort and inspiration in Winston Churchill

Ace of Spades – Mad Magazine Notices That Obama Is Unpopular (Hat Tip: Bookworm Room)

Ann Coulter – Oh, Canada!

The Daily Caller – Health-care fight may end with a whimper in the Senate (Hat Tip: Bookworm Room)

Charlie Foxtrot – Profiles in Senatorial Courage

Neal Boortz – Economic Berlin Wall


Neal Boortz – EMPLOYERS

The New Editor – Are Suicide Bombers Graded on a Curve When They Get to Heaven?

The Anchoress – Randomness & Event Horizon – UPDATED

Gateway Pundit – Republican Jean Schmidt Receives Threats Over Health Care Stance

Gateway Pundit – GOP Whip Eric Cantor’s Campaign Office Is Shot At (Cantor Video)

Gateway Pundit – Stunner. Politico Changes Their Bogus Coffin Story …Update: Democratic Underground Retracts Story

Gateway Pundit – Racist NH Dem Rep on Japanese: “2 Nukes Just Wasn’t Enough”

Gateway Pundit – 55% of Americans Want Obamacare Repealed; 52% Will Vote For Pro-Repeal Candidates

Gateway Pundit – Call Off the Race Hustlers… The Black Caucus Members Lied

Gateway Pundit – Thanks Barack… Obamacare Costs Caterpillar Inc. $100 Million This Quarter

Gateway Pundit – GOP Returns Pelosi’s “Christmas Present” Back to the House

Gateway Pundit – Coward Russ Carnahan Pushes Bogus Tea Party Lie to Media– Claims Prayer Service With Coffin Was a Violent Threat (Updated)

Gateway Pundit – Woah. St. Louis Conservative Kevin Jackson Destroys Race-Baiter David Shuster on MSNBC

Gateway Pundit – WOW! 62% of Americans Want GOP to Fight Unpopular Obamacare

Gateway Pundit – State-Run Media Accuses Tea Party Organizer of Terrorism For Posting Congressman’s Address

Gateway Pundit – Pelosi: Health Care Reform Is “Model” For Future Reform Efforts (Video)

Gateway Pundit – That Didn’t Take Long… Stupak Is Now Out Defending Planned Parenthood

CNS News – Obama Transportation Secretary: ‘This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation at the Expense of Non-Motorized’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Jules Crittenden – Relevant (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Daily Mail – KFC diner told ‘you can’t have bacon in your burger here – we’re now halal’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Bob McCarty Writes – ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Wish This Upon Anybody’

Mudville Gazette – But will he spend the rest of his life hunting the real terrorists?

WND – Dogs suffer cancer after ID chipping (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

GeekOSystem – Air America Auctioning Off User E-Mail Addresses – So Much For “Will Not Be Divulged To Any Third Party” (Hat Tip: Lorie Byrd)

NewsMax – Dick Armey: ‘Emboldened Obama’ Just Getting Started on Expanding Government

Free Republic – EU wants US to share bank data in terrorist deal (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

CBS News – GOP Lawmaker Darrell Issa Poised to Call for Special Prosecutor to Investigate White House (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Breitbart – Cuban leader applauds US health-care reform bill (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – ObamaCare Will Effectively Bar New Physician-Owned Hospitals (Hat Tip: Lorie Byrd)

Michelle Malkin – While you were sleeping: The Vampire Congress strikes again; Update: 2:43am Senate adjourns, parliamentarian ruling will send Wreckonciliation bill back to the House on “minor” GOP points of order; 2:16pm Eastern – Senate passes Wreckonciliation 56-43, Ds Nelson/Lincoln/Pryor vote no; Obama taunts GOP: Repeal? “Go for it”

Michelle Malkin – An Obamacare Endorsement

Michelle Malkin – Obama on Obamacare Repeal: Go for It

Michelle Malkin – Crimes of opinion

Michelle Malkin – Philly Flash Mobs

Michelle Malkin – Clyburn: Health Care Opponents are Aiding and Abetting Terrorism

Michelle Malkin – Health Taxes — For a Slimmer, Trimmer Wallet

Michelle Malkin – Republican Remorse?

Reuters – President mocks Republicans for acting is if bill is ‘Armageddon’

NPR – Venezuela TV boss held over Chavez criticism

The Washington Times – Gas price up $1 a gallon on Obama’s watch; Pressure rises for exploration

The Washington Post – BATTLE OVER INTERNET: VERIZON challenges FCC role in broadband

Bloomberg – Majority of Homeowners With Loan Modifications — Defaulted Again

Reuters – Osama bin Laden, in tape, threatens to kill Americans

Fox News – Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes

NBC DFW – Judge strikes down ordinance banning illegals from renting

Breitbart – Russian jets intercepted in British airspace, again

New York Times – Social Security to See Payout Exceed Pay-In — This Year

Times Online – Obama dumped humiliated Netanyahu for dinner

Breitbart – Jordan king says Israel playing with fire

Fox News – Taliban-Linked Group to Meet With U.N. Officials

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