Links To Visit – 03/26/10

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Northwest Intelligence Network – The coming of an American Reichstag? (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The New Editor – Stouffers To Include Suicide Prevention Tips On Single Serve Microwavable Meals

The New Editor – Report: About 20% of House staffers make six-figure salaries

Brutally Honest – The incredible hypocrisy of the “inciting violence” crowd

The Anchoress – Putz, Putsch? – UPDATED

Michelle Malkin – Unhinged: the mugshot collection

Michelle Malkin – How the Left fakes the hate: A primer

The Radio Patriot – Bright and shiny Breitbart

Bob McCarty Writes – Soldier’s Family Given 30 Minutes to Say Goodbye

Lorie Byrd – Josh Marshall — Beyond Absurd

RedState – Josh Marshall and the Democrats are Rubber. We’re Glue. Except For Our 30 Story Tall Rock Throwing Giant.

Kim Priestap – Hoyer: Democrats received threats, nasty phone messages after passing ObamaCare

Gateway Pundit – Singer Gloria Estefan Leads Massive Freedom March to Denounce Castro Regime

Gateway Pundit – South Korean Ship Sunk; Several Sailors Killed; Fire Returned; Birds Suspected (Updated)

Gateway Pundit – PBS Now Offering Teachers Indoctrination Materials on Nationalized Healthcare

Gateway Pundit – Leftist Issues Death Threats to Palin, Her Family & “Teabaggers” – Media Silent

Gateway Pundit – Wisconsin Has 70,000 Mismatched Voter ID Cards… Calls It a Success

Gateway Pundit – Obama Refuses to Dine With Jewish Leader

Gateway Pundit – Oh Brother. Lib Media Claims Rock Was Thrown Through Rep’s Office Window… On 30th Floor

Gateway Pundit – Rep. Michele Bachmann Says Her Property Was Vandalized & She Received Threats (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Obama to force lenders to eliminate monthly mortgage payments for unemployed

Gateway Pundit – Max Baucus (D-Marxist): Obamacare Will Address The “Mal-Distribution Of Income In America”

Gateway Pundit – Cuban Marxist Dictator Fidel Castro Praises Obama & Dems on Nationalizing Health Care

Gateway Pundit – Gaddafi & Assad Call on Arab States to Rescue Jerusalem From Israelis

Patterico’s Pontifications – Leftist Issues Death Threats to Palin and Family on Twitter (Hat Tip: Kim Priestap)

The Heritage Foundation – Time for an EMP Recognition Day (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WND – Obama’s extremist pal declares ‘socialism has a future’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Right Side News – The Election That Never Was (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fox News – Immigration Reform Could KO Health Care (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques) – Police Recruit Internet Cafe Owners To Spy On Users (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Fox News – North Korea Wants to Nuke Us, So Why Is China Lending a Hand? (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Beware of plans for New World Order (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

NRO – Health-Care Time Bombs (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

NRO – The VAT Cometh (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Michelle Malkin – Is Global Warming Causing the Tea Parties?

Michelle Malkin – Andrew Breitbart Offers $10,000 to United Negro College Fund

Michelle Malkin – NPR Drops ‘Pro-Life’ for ‘Abortion Rights Opponents’

Michelle Malkin – In Hypothetical 2012 Matchup, Obama in Statistical Dead Heat Against 2 Republicans: Nobody and Anybody

Michelle Malkin – Prove a Health Care Protester Used the N-Word, Win $10,000

MSNBC – McCain enlists Palin in 2010 Senate fight (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

MSNBC – Record numbers now licensed to pack heat (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Paul Kiser’s Blog – It’s Baaack: Sunspot Maximum Here It Comes (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

ABC – Scott Brown: President’s Rhetoric ‘Inappropriate’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WSJ – We Good Europeans (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

AZ Central – Bills to OK carrying concealed guns without permits advance (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Bob McCarty Writes – Wealth Distribution on the Menu in Austin

Atlas Shrugs – Anti-Semite in the White House: Obama “Humiliates” Jewish Leader and “Dumps” Him

Atlas Shrugs – AINOS — Americans in Name Only

The Washington Post – Iowa man joins protest against Obama and health-care reform (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Washington Examiner – Message to Dems: People still don’t like Obamacare (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Military Cartridge Brass Destruction 2010 – Round 2 (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fox News – An ACORN by Any Other Name Still Smells Like an ACORN, Critics Say (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fox News – Obama Campaign Arm Appeals for Donations After Threats to Lawmakers (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Washington Post – SKorean navy ship sinks, North link played down

Business Week – AT&T to take $1 billion charge on Health Care Reform

FT – Supply fears start to hit Treasuries; Worries about demand after poorly received bond auctions

Breitbart – ACORN sting filmmaker charge reduced in video stunt at Sen. Landrieu’s office

Yahoo! News – Replica of U.S. slave ship sails into Havana


Big Government – Report: Democratic Stimulus Haul is Almost Double Republicans

Reuters – U.S. looks to export drone technology to allies

Fox News – From Taxi Driver to Terrorist?

Fox News – Hezbollah Ramping Up in U.S.?

Fox News – Obama, Russian Leader Sign Nuke Reduction Treaty

Fox News – Larry Summers Stepping Down?

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